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The Best Way To Never Have An Outdated Kitchen Again

 Always Plan A Classic Design


Ever walk into a house and know exactly when the house was built, or remodeled, because of the interior design?  Join us today for another Wednesday Wow and how this kitchen has been transformed to never be outdated again!

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The Sunday Spy 1.13.19


We Spy With Our Designer Eye

Each Sunday we’ll share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  Designs that are a little different from the norm, like this one shared by the citizenry   At first glance we sneak a peek into the wonderful idea of a nursery in the perfect spot off the kitchen. With a closer look, we see all the wonderful layers that make this design just perfect for the new busy Mom and Dad! Read more…

Want Interior Design That Wows Us All?

Slow Down!


In today’s world of too many things being able to be obtained instantly, as in the 2 day delivery option of Amazon Prime, it is refreshing to work with a client who is willing to wait for an interior design to evolve.  And if you think this photo is the “after” shot…..think again!

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The Free Architecture Diet & Exercise Plan

quote-about-architecture-bajarke in


It’s early January of a brand new year!  Many of us are feeling sluggish and ready to start fresh.  However, the idea of any kind of scheduled, planned, costly commitment is the last thing we need.  What if we take advantage of the architecture in our own cities to get a little free diet and exercise plan underway?  Read more…

Happy New Year!

2019…Here We Come!



Wishing everyone a wonderful start to this amazing New Year!


Like others, we are taking some time to review 2018 and looking towards the opportunities of 2019.  Opportunities to share all the ways we make our homes   beautiful…The Perfect LBD for each of us.  We will return in early January and until then…

 We invite you to see the  2018 Year In Review with us.

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Savoring The Holidays

From Our Homes To Yours…

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Merry Christmas!

Medium Dresses - Courtney 6.14.17

Wishing all our readers a most glorious holiday season!

The season to enjoy our homes, so lovingly created throughout the year, by sharing now with our families and friends.  May we all remember the reason for this blessed season and pass along peace and goodwill to all.

LBD Holiday Hiatus

During this time we will take a break from blog posts to spend the time with our families.  We invite you to explore our social media pages.  Always new, and innovative interior ideas because good design is for everyone!


Join Us Now…See You In 2019!




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