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Wasted Time


“The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. “-unknown

Time management systems are available for everything. From managing the daily requirements of running a small business to always having our wardrobes ready to wear and homes in order. We plan social events and vacations to make sure we have “fun”. We’ve got calendars, budgets, planners all functioning at max speed to remind us what super achievers we are…or think we should be. I admit the systems I’ve “tweaked to fit” work well for me. They give me confidence that I will get every thing accomplished that needs doing. I’ve been programmed to think not having everything planned is a negative thing. Maybe it’s not.

Being in a creative profession, I need time to daydream. To allow my mind to wander and let ideas form. My best ideas often don’t come sitting at my desk. Plotting in 3-5 on Tuesdays/Thursdays to “daydream” does not work. Professionally, these pre planned sessions are a “waste of time” in the intended sense of the phrase. Personally, by nature I realize the need to stay engaged. What works for me is being aware that I need this kind of unscheduled time. I want time to think about new ideas.

With the efficiency of smart phones, I now stop and make a quick note with key thoughts whenever something triggers an idea I want to explore further. Nothing fancy or developed with too much detail. Nothing mandatory, not a to do list that has to fit into one of my time management systems. Ideas about different topics, things to do, places to go. Just a simple note page with random ideas I choose to keep or delete later. Now if I do schedule “daydream” on my calendar, or just have a few minutes/hours at a time, I look at my notes to remind me how much a super achiever I can be at wasting time.  Wasting time is working for me.



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