Making Progress

We’ve recommended and used Progress Lighting for many years.  Progress offers a wide spectrum of selections.  Basic utility fixtures to innovative design options are all available from numerous local and online sources.  Progress is a company with a history backing up the service their representatives provide.  The rep our firm uses is a part of the team we depend on when implementing  projects.  His knowledge and experience in lighting is vast.

Recently we stumbled, we don’t always have time to keep up with all the resources websites like we should, into a section of the Progress Lighting’s website that offers various style boards.  We prepare style boards when for our digital design clients as part of the online service we offer.  This is a great way to use a designer “virtually” and keep design fees reasonable.  (link to our services in our website info is available below).  Let’s take a look at the style boards Progress has and how they have defined decor themes.  We’ve also added some photos to enjoy.  There is a decor for everyone!


Stephen Alexander Homes .jpg

Stephen Alexander Homes



Baukunst Design .jpg

Baukunst Design







IONS Design .jpgIONS Design


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Recycling on Steroids

Hmmm..what do you do with a centuries old monastery and you feel the passion to “save” it?

Fontevraud Abbey in France: A Loire Valley Landmark

Abbaye de Fontevraud-Agence-Jouin-Manku-photograph-by-Nicolas Matheus-Remodelista-19_0.jpg

If you are Canadian architect Sanjit Manku and French designer Patrick Jouin, you create an outstanding hotel, retreat and restaurant. One catch…the project stipulated that none of the original white limestone could be disturbed. Since we are too busy to skirt off to France this week, thought we’d do a little arm chair traveling.

Happy Sunday!

Abbaye de Fontevraud-Agence-Jouin-Manku-photograph-by-Nicolas Matheus-Remodelista-11.jpg

Agree, no need to try to improve on the Limestone.

Abbaye de Fontevraud-Agence-Jouin-Manku-photograph-by-Nicolas Matheus-Remodelista-21-1.jpg

Check In seems simple.

Abbaye de Fontevraud-Agence-Jouin-Manku-photograph-by-Nicolas Matheus-Remodelista-10.jpg

What a fantastic way to light this Stairway (to Heaven?)

Abbaye de Fontevraud-Agence-Jouin-Manku-photograph-by-Nicolas Matheus-Remodelista-6.jpg

Each of the 54 rooms is unique.  This one will do just fine for me.

Abbaye de Fontevraud-Agence-Jouin-Manku-photograph-by-Nicolas Matheus-Remodelista-3.jpg

Alfresco Breakfast

Abbaye de Fontevraud-Agence-Jouin-Manku-photograph-by-Nicolas Matheus-Remodelista-2.jpg

Looking at the LavenderAbbaye de Fontevraud-Agence-Jouin-Manku-photograph-by-Nicolas Matheus-Remodelista-12.jpg

Can you see a wedding dinner here?!

If you are not too busy, and your passport is up to date, looks like the Almighty has his Airbnb ready.

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Savor your Saturday


Weather across the country seems to be unseasonably “ahead” this week.  Reports everywhere are of early greenery and warm breezes.  Pedicures are probably on many minds.  If you can wiggle out some time to indulge this weekend….would it not be glorious to sit in these chairs and be pampered?  This goes to show how a much difference good design can make.  This will not be not your standard pedicure!


Whatever your weekend brings, we hope you have a few minutes to go back and catch up on any posts you might have missed since our launch this month.  Your suggestions for topics have all been great!

Sunday Night Meal


Since you are already in a pampering mode for the weekend, why not plan a slow cooker meal for Sunday.  You can run to the grocery in those cute little flip flops they give you at the salon. (I do.)  Here’s a favorite in our house.  French Dip Sandwiches.  However, I buy the shaved meet in the meat section (or ask the butcher to shave a london broil for me) to skip the messy part of slicing the meat and add peppercinos about the last hour of the time. Here is the link for your impressive Sunday “I cooked all day.” dinner.  Left overs not too shabby either for a couple of nice take away lunches.

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Fab Friday Finds

Online shopping for home decor is at an all time high. We are constantly asked about the quality of items that seem priced to good to be true.  We encourage our clients to take advantage of online discounts and pop up sales.  Two suggestions tho…work with your designer to discuss the value of the pieces you are considering in regards to the plan your have for your decor.  Sometimes a “deal” can turn out to be very costly.  Below are a few items currently on clearance that are good values.  Let’s look at how they might work in your existing decor.

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How Many is Too Many

taberanddrew .jpg


No, this is not a landfill.  If you are honest with yourself, you may have a similar stash of plastic grocery bags lurking in your home.  This is what happens when we save to reuse… but don’t.   We subscribe to various trade publications that often have long articles about recycling and how to house the items being recycled.  At times it is overwhelming and leaves me with a big sense of guilt that I should be doing more.

So true to my approach of how I justify everything…I threw out all my hoard of these reminders that I was not reusing them at the rate I was acquiring them.  Yep…I tossed them in the regular trash collection on a Wednesday.  (gasps)  Thursday I started a system that has worked for me for several years.  I do have a few reusable type bags I use, when I remember to put them in the car, on a big shopping day.  However, I like shopping in smaller batches, stopping at a store as part of another errand on my way home.  So I do bring in 5-7 of these bags every week or so.  There is no set number. AND I reuse them to the point of sometimes running out before the new ones come in!  Let’s take a look at what works for me.

Cool Idea


First, is this not a great way to store these babies?  Plus you get points for saving the life of one Kleenex box.   A box this size can be kept almost anywhere.

blanda-blank-serving-bowl__40771_pe134582_s4eat this not that .jpeg

Next, the way I use our bags most is for kitchen trash that I don’t put down the disposal.  We cook most nights, and have marathons on Sunday, so we have a lot of bits and bobs of “stuff” and wet food packaging.  Using a $2.99 Ikea stainless bowl, I place a bag as a liner and toss anything in it that is too messy, or too smelly for the daily trash.  It’s so easy for me to toss as I go and clean up once. These bags get placed in the freezer until trash day.  Since we live in Florida, we have trash pick up 2x a week. We now have trained ourselves to automatically get “the freezer” trash on garbage day.  We also place our cans/glass in these bags and then put the bag into the recycle bin. Saves trips to the bin and keeps the bin cleaner.   I feel pretty good when I reuse and also recycle any bags I bring into the house each week.


Lastly, if you have one of these guys hanging around your abode…you know another endless use of a plastic bag!

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Stick a Fork in It


We work with color everyday.  Clients often ask us what colors are in, what colors are out, what color is universal?  We say…let’s move past those colors…they are going to change before the paint dries.  Instead, let’s look for color combinations that inspire us.  Colors that excite and intrigue us. Color combinations that are unexpected.  Look at all the ways the same color, in this photo of a simple utensil, are used to create these striking and unique interiors.





FullSizeRender 3.jpg









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Why not Savor Sunday?


We use Sunday’s to regroup and recharge in our home.  Like everyone else we know, no matter their lot in life, we’ve had a busy week.  We worked hard, played hard and taken care of equally fun and tedious necessary tasks.  Today we begin to look towards this next week.  What we will need to plan for, who needs to be where, what to wear, eat and what we might be able to do today to get just a small jump on things.  By mid afternoon on Sunday’s it’s nice to have a little unplanned time. Our to do list, this blog,  that “one more thing”…will all be waiting for us tomorrow. So this afternoon,  I choose a little time to do something unexpected…something I get to choose.  Or maybe a few minutes to do nothing at all.

What are you doing this fine Sunday?

Savor your Sunday Afternoon

Blanco-Bland or Brilliant



White kitchens remain the number one choice for kitchen renovations and new homes. They are clean, crisp and striking in many decor.  They can be styled with interesting amenities to add color and show our various personalities. Traditional, transitional or modern in design they are selected many times because they are considered a “safe” choice. We’d prefer to say that a white kitchen is a great foundation for some very savvy design choices.   Let’s take a look at this kitchen.



White walls and same color wood moldings make this kitchen current yet timeless. The cabinets feature the hinges…on no, haven’t we been brainwashed that this is “bad”?  The movement in the white-gray veining of the stone for counters and full splash is striking. Larger size fixtures over the island give balance to the space. Choosing a warm, neutral flooring works nicely with the Scandinavian finishes of the furniture. Could also work with rich, darker traditional wood furnishing pieces.  Love the mix of modern art with the traditional  cabinetry which introduces a little edge!

Next lets look at a kitchen that has many of the same elements as the white kitchen but ventures out to use a dark finish with the cabinets.   Both designs use inset cabinet doors, a large vein counter stone and splash, and an island with large pendant lighting. Here are thoughts about this design.




This kitchen takes a few more, appreciated, chances with the rich pained cabinets. There are a number of color hues that could be used for this effect. When choosing cabinet colors complement the rest of the homes decor.  The contrast of the dark color on the window trim adds to the overall impact of this space.  Although the walls remain painted white with a similar color in the moldings, there is an immediate feeling of invitation in this space.  It does not “feel” dark.  And the lighting…oh my!  You see that we have a warm gold metal on the lighting and the cool metals of the stainless and faucets.  This is a perfect way to mix metal finishes.  The chef’s shelf in the same marble as the counter offers a large-scale blending of materials and usable interest. I want to cook in here!

The subtle point we’d like to make in this post is that nationally “safe” decor can be wonderful.   So can stretching outside the norm a bit.  Kitchen planning and cabinet companies can do a good job helping you select cabinets, counters, hardware and plumbing fixtures.  Using an independent designer can help you be confident making decisions that will take your project to the next level…simply perfect for you!


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The White Elephant in the Room




Spark joy
Spread Joy
Live in a Refrigerator?

There…we’ve said it!

Perhaps these are extreme examples but probably not too far off from what comes to mind as the word minimalism is being overused in the design world today.  Lately, it seems the theory is an all or nothing approach. To be fair to the authors of all the “less is more” approaches available…we agree with many of the points you make and do implement these into our designs.  Clients hire us to help them achieve a more simple, yet impactful decor that reflects what is important to them.  We love seeing the changes in their life when some of the  “keeper of the stuff” burden is lifted.  However, too many times, the dictate to get rid of everything that does not follow a certain rule is in itself causing strife.

So instead of minimalism we’d like to introduce the word enough. We like it so much more. It is not defined by a number.  It is flexible, open to  interpretation and can change with each situation.  It’s a one size fits all kind of word.  “Enough” will work with all the tidy little rules of living with less, downsizing, de cluttering, capsule wardrobes and reigning in our carbon footprint.   Following this theory of management might just spark a little joy as you get to add something back in….self compassion.




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