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Open Shelves…Yeah or Neah?





Yeah! Open shelving is a popular design concept in kitchen design. Since moving in to my small studio apartment, I have fallen in love with this storage solution for my kitchen.

Open shelving gives me quick easy access to dish and glassware. Also helps me to stay organized. My kitchen looks open and bright with the open shelving.  I can add a pop of color for an additional design feature.

Open shelving can be used for a cabinet free look or in addition to cabinets. It can be great for your budget, for keeping you organized and is a great design feature for your kitchen!  Below are a few additional  examples showing open shelving in use.  – Kristen under 50 view 






Neah…well ok, Yeah.  As a designer I came around to the idea of exposing the guts of my kitchen sooner than some.  Initial thoughts were there was no way I could stay organized like all the inspiration photos and feared keeping things dust free. However, what has completely won me over is the conversion, or creating, of small areas that can have open shelves behind a glass door.  Kristen is so right, open shelves are easier to keep clutter at bay and so refreshing in a design. Even liberating!  I’ve learned the trick to keeping things clean is to have the items you use most on these shelves and not to overload so that everything is in rotation to be cleaned regularly. Nothing that is simply for display and a dust grabber.  For clients, we often recommend reworking a conventional layout to include some open shelving as a way to update a kitchen without a total renovation.  Could some open shelving work for you?  -Laurel over 50 view





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