What “Home” Means To Us


Home to me is more than a structure. It is not bricks and mortar or siding or stucco. Home is not square footage or the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Home is about what is on the inside of a house. Home is where we come together as a family. It is where memories are made. Home is where we can be ourselves and feel a sense of belonging. Home is where we come to make and share stories. It is where we laugh and where we cry. Home is where our heart will always be. – Kristen under 50 view

Love is what makes your house a home.

If it looks good while doing all this…all the better!


Several days this week I’ve taken  full advantage of the above.  I’ve clocked many hours in the same clothes, without makeup and hair that was left to dry “naturally”! I’ve looked tired from the minute I’ve gotten out of bed.  My apologies to my home.  However, both professional and personal tasks have benefited.  My to do list is half of  it’s previous size and the feeling of accomplishment is high.  It’s good to have a home that works as hard as I do and takes care of me along the way.  Dear Home…I promise I will find my lipstick next week!-Laurel over 50 view.

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