Mermaid’s in Paradise

Remember how we started off the idea of this blog….we said we’d talk about topics of interest to us.  We’d mix in questions that come up during our projects. We have the opportunity to work with so many wonderful clients. Lately we are getting similar questions about the use of color.  “Is color coming back?”  What colors are “in”?  “Can I use a little color…I’m tired of gray?”  We suspect gray is a tad tired of us too.

Our Response

Color never left, all colors are in, and yes designers are experts at showing you how to use any color you can dream up in the very best way  for your spaces.

Just for fun, and remembering that all design is personal, let’s see if you’d be ready to use either of these two colors in your decor if a designer recommended them to you.


Benjamin Moore Mermaid’s Tail



Benjamin Moore Paradise Valley


Yes, no….maybe you’d have to think about this.

What about using both of these colors together?  Yep…you’d want to think about this!


How about now? Simple, classic and just a tiny bit adventurous. We’d meet this designer for a beverage any time!  Joining us?

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