Stainless Didn’t Work


Architectural Digest is a wonderful source for some truly great Before and After projects.  Here’s an example of when it’s better to plan a complete renovation, including a realistic budget, instead of small updates.  Even the big box store stainless refrigerator’s are expensive. In this case, spending a few thousand dollars did not make much difference in this kitchen.

After the Renovation


There are so many things to like about this renovated space!  First, it appears to be within the same footprint.  Using existing space is always less expensive and allows the project to take less time.  Next, the way the finishings are combined is interesting.   Much thought, care and attention to detail was part of this plan. There is a personality, almost a soul to this kitchen.  Finally, this space is not the oversized, open concept, white-white decor that seems to be touted everywhere right now. This decor is timeless. We can tell there is a family that just can’t wait to get here everyday!

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