Two Colors of Painted Cabinets – Love It!



What we love about this kitchen……

  • No subway tile splash. While subway tiles are good for many designs, it is refreshing to see a classic alternative. Here the counter top material continues for a full splash.
  • Subtle painted base cabinets. This could be done in an all white cabinet existing kitchen.
  • Wall paint is same color as the upper cabinets. Yes, but you say it’s so “white”! When other elements of a design compliment each other, the walls need only provide the background.
  • Having cutting boards ready to use while adding a warm decor feature.
  • The Hide rug peeking into the design! Talk about a forgiving rug in a fantastic location.

    Gentle Advice: Blending subtle colors, textures and finishes can be tricky. So many factors come into play. This is another good time to seek the advice of the right designer. One who will look at your inspirational photo and help you choose selections that will give you the outcome you envision. 



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