The New Heirlooms


This is one of several photos currently in Ellle Decor of a small apartment.  The chest caught my eye.  Often we are asked how to incorporate a family piece into a new decor.   I am now on the side of being the “mom or grandma” with a few things in storage…or, honestly, simply tired of looking at these things!   Disclaimer:  I want to first relay that I would never be insulted or hurt if something gets updated in order to work for its new owner.  That would actually make me happy.  It’s also ok  with me to say you simply don’t want something. Goodwill awaits. However,  in the event you want to create your own character piece…let’s take a look at these beauties that could easily be painted (yes wood can be painted…its not a sin) to be ever so perfect for today.


Found on Craig’s List Sites 

In the event you don’t have a super chic Mom or Nana ready to unload some pieces… these all could quickly resemble the Elle inspiration.   With the extra cash you’ll have from not buying a new piece, you could add a marble overlay top from your favorite stone shop remnant yard!



What about this IMG_9178.JPGfor a kiddo’s room?


The possibilities are endless!

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