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image-1Why Hire a Designer?


Have you ever said to yourself, in frustration after finishing a home project, “My next project I’m hiring an interior designer!”? A designer can replace those frustrations with results that exceed your expectations  while saving you time and money in the process.

The right designer will take time to get to know you and determine the wants and needs for your project. By asking you simple questions, we can understand how you want to live.  This will be beneficial when designing a project specifically for you. Interior designers also bring our professional knowledge, experience and insight to your project. We will  listen to your ideas and help you expand the concepts to make them even better.

Using an interior designer can give you access to “trade only” furnishings, fabrics and accessories for your project. We can connect you to talented trades people such as sub contractors.  We will be your liaison communicating with them on your behalf.  Using an interior designer you are more likely to stay on budget and avoid costly mistakes. Best of all, by hiring an interior designer you will  be able to create a decor that is a reflection of you…without the frustrations.-Kristen under 50 view




Kristen did such a nice job professionally explaining the benefits of using an interior designer. No need to repeat. Instead I’ll share  this.  Years ago my hairdresser made the comment that she and I did the same thing…she for clients hair and me for their homes.  She was so right and her words have stuck with me.

A good haircut is one that suits “us” best. It can be styled in so many different ways. Colored in hundreds of shades.  Changed over and over, trying new things or reverting back to our comfort zones.  No matter how badly  we treat it, even when it gets dangerously out of control,  it’s fixable.  We look at it every day, several times a day and count on it to be there for us.

Now go back and change haircut to home and see if you agree that little miss snippet was onto something…using professionals has it’s perks!  –Laurel over 50 view

Is your home ready for that perfect “hairstyle”?

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