Timing is Everything



What a week this has been.  We’ve been upright and working more than we’ve been horizontal. Several amazing projects are nearing the homestretch and exciting new ones are in heavy planning stages. Everyone on our team is once again doing what we do best…working the plan and loving every minute of it.  Well, maybe except for the one night this week I got myself in a little snit.  After letting me vent one of the guys said “chocolate goes well with whine” so matter of factly that I chuckled the rest of the evening and remembered why I work with this team.  We’ve got each other’s back…always.

As it often happens in my life, a higher power than me knows when I need more than one attitude check.  The next morning Fed Ex delivered the above wine and chocolate. Kismet, fate, of just plan freaky? On top of this maxed out week, our IT guys decided we were ready to go live with this blog. (thanks guys)  Two of our dearest clients sent both Kristen and I this “lbd” bottle of wine as a congrats to the launch. So they are my Friday Favorites for the week….I see you’ve got our back too!


Kristen, always the professional, chose a project as her Friday Favorite.  I have to agree, and if I was not older and more tired than she is, I might have come up with the same fav this week!  We have had another opportunity to help a young family make a recent new home purchase “their own”.  They have been open to innovative ideas and been a welcome interactive part of the process.  All with full time careers, 2 little ones, and the third due to arrive just about the same time his new abode is ready!  Here’s a quick before shot and just a few of the progress photos.  Perhaps when their lives settle a bit they will let us show you more of this transformation.



Using the Existing Space in New Ways

Added Bedroom/Bath/Laundry/Walk in Closet/Pool Room/Family Snack Bar


We are obsessed with the way the two tiles interact!


And All the Cool Selections Mixed Together


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