Let’s Help This Staircase!


This home is currently for sale and was on a online site recently.  That’s all the photo credit we want to give because we remain true to the philosophy that everyone’s one home is perfect for them. However, this  entry does not work for either of us in its current state.



As a designer I see so much potential in this entry/foyer. The staircase is absolutely stunning. The red wall color that was popular 20 years ago needs to be updated. The furniture and accessories look out of place and are a distraction. -Kristen


FullSizeRender 10.36.24 PM (1).jpg



I often take the color out of a photo to be able to be more objective of the structure of a room.  Even without the red wall color,  this is a good example of a decor that is out of sync with the architecture.  Today’s buyers would appreciate exposing more of the wood flooring and having fun with stair treads.  We’d suggest  a wall color that works as a background to the stair structure.  We’d use larger, but less, furniture and add some natural elements.  So, yes, I agree this is a Leave It in it’s current state.  Let’s look at some staircases and entries that would make our Love It category right now and forever.– Laurel 

If you must have a grand, double staircase….a black and white color pallet with greenery is timeless.


Megan Morris

Or if you only have “one”  grand staircase…same theory can apply.



Finally, if you are one of the other 99.99%…make the most of your workhorse.


New Canaan House Tour




Thisisthefirst Home

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Help This Staircase!”

  1. That Megan Morris staircase is stunning, but how would I ever keep those plants alive! Oh wait, if I’m living in that house, I must surely have a gardener…LOL

  2. I’m going to replace those spindly posts on the railings with ones of greater heft (square) to fit well with the weight of the staircase. Sue

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