Justified Hoarding


We do a large amount of our shopping online now.  It saves me time and out of crowded parking lots. It keeps my husband from owning a Costco card where massive size items and things that were “only a few bucks” used to jump in his cart.  Today, as I was unpacking the latest delivery, the thought briefly flashed in my mind that maybe it is me who has the problem with buying in bulk?   I don’t like it when I self discover a possible personal flaw.  I have to address it right away to clear it out of my memory bank.  Storage is also a topic we are asked to address on most of our clients projects so this self reflection is worthy of my time.

Googling the definition of “hoarding” started the justification process for me.  “Amass (money or valued objects) and hide or store away.” Since my husband is the one in charge of the big picture of amassing  large amounts of money (for my golden years) in our relationship, surely this means I am the one to store away the valued objects.

Caffeine is the most valued object to us in the morning.  So far we are still allowed to consume this without our doctors scowl. It would not be pretty if we ran out.  We store our stash on one of the hard to reach top cabinet shelves.  The small bottled green tea (6 bottles at a time allow us a big discount) is on a turn table that keeps it corralled and from tipping all over the unreachable back of this cabinet.  2  Boxes of teabags and 6 Bags of coffee beans  keep us sociable with each other for about 2 months of mornings. Hoarding items in the area we use them is completely justified to me.


 Here’s what would not work for us (me).


A mini grocery store in an unfinished storage area.  I’d have to walk there and it would be another area for me to keep organized.  Too much committment. Husband would love this.  If he can convince a  few more friends to eat 12lbs of cashews in one sitting I may have to relent.

What About Collections


I am not sure if this is considered hoarding.  The definition is totally up to interpretation don’t you think?


Not sure about beauty products either. Since my husband thinks all products should work after one application we don’t have to deal with a lot of bottles hanging around.

This poor child has nothing to play with and a mother somewhere with no hair.


Next I need to look up the definition of scanning and shredding.  Looks like this guy needs a tip from me about properly hoarding.


This has been a light hearted way to address the topic of what items are most important to you and what justifies devoting your time, energy and storage. Certain things are important to everyone. How we manage these things is unique to us all.  Perhaps you have a storage need that is perplexing to you, or you simply want to start fresh in an area.  Designers and professional organizers are good resources and motivators. Working with you we can prepare storage plans with systems that help implement ongoing, time saving successful storage.  Storage that is suited specifically for your needs.

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  1. My 20 month old granddaughter is obsessed with holy cards that you get at funerals. Especially if they are laminated and preferably with an old Irish blessing on them. I think she might need to display them on a large board- like the one shown here. So thanks for the tip.

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