A Swan is Born


This chair is currently available at Room & Board.  You can select from multiple leg and fabric finishes to “make it more your own”.  Although it is a classic design, I’ll be honest, in todays world of Pinterest and Houzz  most of our clients would not look twice at this  chair.

Thank goodness one of our very best clients had a room of these!

photo 4.JPG

She purchased these years ago. Relocating from state to state, and in multiple houses….these puppies made the cut each time and ended up in her current home. The fabric worked in her previous decor. There was nothing “wrong” with these well made chairs.  However, from the beginning of an extensive, all consuming, construction renovation I was dreaming about how these chairs  could evolve and kept on about them. Almost to the point of nagging.   After a well deserved break, from her life as a construction manager (and may I say she did a bang up job!),  with creamy crocodile seats, linen backs and individual russet sashes these chairs are indeed striking!  They are visible from several rooms and are the perfect finish to the project.  Just recently she said, “Good design never goes out of style.”   However, we think these chairs will now be forever “in style”!


Take a look at these chairs below…someone feels the same as we do. Classic designs with a timeless personality!


Albert Pinto

Dining Rooms are unique spaces in our homes.  They are rooms that host our most special family events and other times rooms we seldom use.  These are rooms that offer endless possibilities of how they can be used in so many ways. Designer’s love to get our hands on these versatile spaces!  No matter how you use yours…at the very least…we hope you get a little smirk on your face every time you walk by.  If not, maybe you should contact us for a quick digital design!



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