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The response during the first week of this blog has been tremendous!  Thank you so much for your positive comments.  We are happy to have our first guest contributor give us his insight when we asked him the following question.

“What are the 5 things everyone should have in their toolbox?


Measuring tape: The most important tool in your toolbox. Unfortunately I did not discover it until later in life. Perfect for hanging pictures without a level, measuring walls for paint, making sure the furniture you purchased will fit through your door. Old Saying….”measure twice…cut once”… saves numerous trips to Lowe’s and Home Depot. Although, they are pretty cool places to hang out.



Hammer– Discovered this tool early in life and never looked back. Need this for hanging pictures and, of course a guy’s best skill, demolition. Can also be used as protection when hunting large game. My favorite is Stanley with the fiberglass shaft.



Saw– Need this for cutting and damaging body parts. My favorite is a saw named Shark (believe that is the name) that is shorter. It is  easier to store and has a real bite, on its intended target…wood.  Gives you notice before you cut your finger completely off.



Screw drivers– This assortment is inexpensive and you get the Phillip’s heads and flat heads. You will find that screw heads come in different sizes…. there are a lot of screws out there.  You can never have enough of these sets which is why they can be an  annual Christmas gift for that hard to buy person on your list.



Pliers– Works like a third hand !. Can also pinch body parts during duels.  A necessary tool for many projects.






Another follower sent us a photo of this tool that has been in his toolbox since he was 11.  For fun, no prize awarded, if you know what this is you can leave the answer in the comment box.



Thanks Bob for these suggestions and tips. Anyone starting off, or downsizing can most definitely use this info.  We’d like to add one more item we will keep in our toolbox….



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