Why not Savor Sunday?


We use Sunday’s to regroup and recharge in our home.  Like everyone else we know, no matter their lot in life, we’ve had a busy week.  We worked hard, played hard and taken care of equally fun and tedious necessary tasks.  Today we begin to look towards this next week.  What we will need to plan for, who needs to be where, what to wear, eat and what we might be able to do today to get just a small jump on things.  By mid afternoon on Sunday’s it’s nice to have a little unplanned time. Our to do list, this blog,  that “one more thing”…will all be waiting for us tomorrow. So this afternoon,  I choose a little time to do something unexpected…something I get to choose.  Or maybe a few minutes to do nothing at all.

What are you doing this fine Sunday?

Savor your Sunday Afternoon

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