A Blemish!



In the design world, less than perfect is always more interesting than what we perceive to be “perfect”.  The Japanese have it nailed  with something they call Wabi-Sabi. The acceptance of imperfection.  


Zen Vita .jpeg

Zen Vita

For example a piece of pottery is not discarded when there are a few cracks.  The cracks are celebrated!   Instead of a bowl…art is created.

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5 thoughts on “A Blemish!

  1. I love this , Wabi Sabi. I have a favorite decorative plate in my kitchen wall of a bird. It fell and the corner broke off. I kept it because I still liked it even with the missing corner. My daughters comment on it and suggested to get rid of it. I haven’t because I see it differently. Now I will tell them this when they comment again. Wabi Sabi


  2. This is a great concept. And I plan to use the term Wabi Sabi often since most things in my house are slightly imperfect!!


  3. There is a beautiful song called I’m just a Japanese Bowl ….check it out on you tube.
    It’s by Peter Meyer.
    In times past , the Japanese used to mend their special broken bowls with gold ……..which made them even more beautiful , listen to the song and you will think about aging and wear and damage to objects ………and to you ……..in a completely different way
    Anne (UK)


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