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There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.-C.S. Lewis


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If you talk to 10 people in a room…11 of them have too many articles in their closet. The nagging need to edit hangs over our heads because now the push is to undo what we have spent a lifetime doing.   We are a society of consumption and trained to not let go of something we worked towards and paid for.  It’s normal. It’s also ok to evolve and lighten up if we want to. But where to start? There are so many views, tips and guidelines on how to overcome our anxiety.   Frankly, some are so complex and time consuming I burn out simply reading about the process. Here’s what has worked for me.  I choose to create a habit so simple it is successful from day one….instead of following someone else’ system that would make me feel like I was running a race.

  • Each time you purchase a new item for your wardrobe purge one.
  • If you buy 4 items….4 items go into the donation bag.
  • Use the shopping bag of the new items as your donation bag.
  • Immediately place donation bag in front seat of your car.
  • Drop bag at donation center on your next trip out.
  • Award yourself with a consumable treat of your choice.


Empty Shopping Bag

(new purchases are just fab!)


Donation Bag of Castoffs

(already dropped at Goodwill and sure someone else is enjoying the personal shopping service I have provided)

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Consumable Treat

(is there a better reward than cheese to help you forget what was in the bag you just dropped off?)

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3 thoughts on “Jumpstart your Week

  1. A very helpful article. It’s also time to re-evaluate the items that have some sort of sentimental value but no real monetary worth. My daughters won’t want them. I’m tired of dusting them. SueG


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