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We’ve all got them…places in our homes that are “spilling” over their proposed containment. Small drawers seem to be the number one culprit.  How to books and blogs about organizing either preach that we should not even have some of the stuff I am talking about or require us to buy all kinds of new, expensive systems.

Enter the humble muffin tin.  Deep, multiple compartments that fit in even the most narrow drawers.  Can be placed vertically or horizontally. Use them alone or in groups.  Available in multiple finishes and colors. Let’s look at a few ways to do some quick organizing.




Looking back I can remember our Dad buying boxes of “stuff” at auctions.  Many times these boxes had nuts, bolts, washers, nails and screws  all mixed together in coffee cans.  He had a few old muffin tins and we’d sit and sort for hours.  I have no idea where anything went after we sorted it but we sure felt important doing it.   I can’t look at a tin without thinking I thought they were just for screws!


When our son was smaller he had about a trillion Lego parts.  Each one was the most important one to the space ship, dinosaur or airplane he was making at the moment.  It was always 5 minutes before bedtime as we were frantically looking through the big box of parts for  “the one”.  Two of the dozen size muffin tins shortened the hunt as parts were sorted by color into each compartment.  Sometimes I think he liked the sorting better than the building except for the fact that he didn’t get to stay up after bedtime as often.



Look at this rig available at Charleston Wrap.  Sorted Lego’s with a lid…a mothers dream!

Charleston Wrap .jpg

Office and Craft Supplies. Not new ideas but always successful. Did your Grandmother have one with sewing bits and bobs in it?

Pinterest .jpg



Love this one that shows how to expand the use of a simple half dozen tin. Wish I had thought of this.  What about this for makeup brushes, lipsticks, pencils, tubes, toothpaste and brush?  A white muffin tin with clear glasses…this could be a very chic way to have things accessible.

Mamabee .jpeg


How about hair accessories?

Joyful Homemaking .jpeg

Tins now come in so many colorful options that they don’t have to be hidden in a drawer all the time. The silicon material is soft and won’t scratch dresser tops.  What fun to let kids create their own storage systems!  An organized hodge podge.

C&H Sugar.jpegAli Express .jpegimages-4.jpegimages-3.jpeg

Jewerly Storage is another great use of these little cupcake makers. The regular size can house bracelets, necklaces, pins and watches.

The mini muffin tins…sort those earrings!

Style it like you like it .jpg

I’d put white papers in the tins, stick them down with a piece of tape, to be able to spot your gems quickly.



The Muffin Mom and How About A Cookie Bloggers offer these food portion and selection use of the half dozen tins.   Mom’s today are simply so much smarter than I was. What a fantastic way to give smart choices.

Muffin Tin Mom .jpeghow about cookie .jpg

I do intend to”borrow” this idea for our next happy hour snack tray…in the white tin,  won’t this be smashing?


How many ways can you think to use these babies?

We’ve said before that storage and organizing systems have to be ones that will work for you.  Take a quick look around your home to see if you have any areas where an idea like this might improve how you store and use some of these smaller items.  For the price of a muffin tin and about 10 minutes you can give it a try.  If it doesn’t work out you can always eat cake!

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day with us.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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