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 Everyday Must Haves

Just like the Beatles song, we all have a few items we need everyday of the week, and then some.  These are items that make our days start off better, run more smoothly and finish off nicely.  They can be consumable items, furnishings or the latest technology.  What they all have in common is that we count on them and look forward to using them on a daily basis. These things are woven into the design of our homes and lives.  Let’s take a look at our favorites.

Happy Friday!


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Laurel’s Favorites 

Electric Kettle


Several manufacturers offer electric kettles. For years I’ve used a few different models and like them all equally.  Compared to range top kettles and microwaves, water boils at a faster rate and stays tremendously hot using this type of kettle.   French Press coffee and teas are spot on with an electric kettle.

Ceramic Tea Pot


Next up, and goes hand in hand with the kettle, is a small tea pot.  Tea tastes best when it can seep a bit.  I pretty much keep a pot full all the time.  For a few cents a day I have hot tea with milk or iced with lemon.

Touchless Faucet


Moen, Delta and a few other manufacturers now make touchless faucets.  These can be battery operated or hot wired.  We installed ours using the battery pack about a year ago and have not had to change the batteries yet.  There are no words to explain how much of a difference this hands free faucet makes every day.  The only problem I see is that I find it almost impossible to figure out why the faucets of other people won’t turn on with the wave of my hand.

Cordless Vacuum


For some reason, I have to be in a total cleaning state of mind to pull out the larger vacuum.  However, with one of these rechargeable small lightweight units…it’s almost fun.  Ok, maybe not fun exactly, but we do use it everyday.  Sometimes more than once a day.  It works on hard floors and carpet.  There are many types of this kind of vacuum.  This Hoover is the one we currently have and when it dies we will quickly replace it with a new one.

Main reason why the above item is a daily favorite!




Over the years, kicking and screaming, we dragged each other into the world of synchronized technology.  We’ve never looked back.

Trapp Candles


Trapp candles have been around for as long as I have been burning them in our home.  I’ve tried all the others and keep coming back to this brand.  The claim is that there is a bottle of perfume in each of the large size jars. Maybe, maybe not, but they are strong enough to use for short periods of time and yet the fragrance lingers.  They burn completely down and come in various scents. I like to light one when we get up and again after the kitchen is cleaned up at night. A comfortable ritual that is a part of our day.

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Kristen’s Favorites 

Because I live in a studio one bedroom apartment, several of the items I use everyday are multifunctional.   They offer the additional storage I need in the compact environment I have chosen and love living in.

Storage Coffee Table



My  West Elm storage coffee table in front of my couch serves several functions. One side of the tabletop pops up to reveal a hidden cache of storage. It’s hidden storage gives me a great place to store magazines, remote controls, books and games! In addition to its intended purpose, this table works as my desktop and my dinner table.

Floor Standing Mirror


My floor length mirror is something I use everyday. I have always loved sitting on the floor getting ready for the day!  I sit in front of the mirror to put on my make up and fix my hair. It’s wonderful to have a final full length view of how I look before heading to an appointment, work or out for the night. This floor length mirror also serves as a beautiful decor piece in my apartment.

Method All Purpose Cleaner


I have always been a neat and a clean freak. One of my favorite cleaners, that I use everyday, is the Method All Purpose Cleaner – Pink Grapefruit.  This refreshing fusion of pink grapefruit is a scent that puts a spring in my step.  I use this cleaner in my kitchen and bathroom.  I also love the bright pop of pink color of the cleaner. I use the Method Dish Soap and Method Hand Soap as well.

Harman Kardon Portable Bluetooth Speaker


One of my favorite items I use everyday is my portable bluetooth speaker. My Fiancé and I love turning on our favorite Pandora radio station, Phil Collins, as we make dinner together or get ready for a night out. There is nothing like jamming out to some of your favorite songs…singing and dancing!

Mac Book Pro


Simply put the one thing I could not live without is my MacBook Pro!

When we meet with clients for initial consultations, we ask a lot of questions that are personal.  Personal in the sense that we want to help you create the design and decor for your home that take all your favorites into consideration.  Regardless if you use the aid of a designer, or approach your decor solo, we hope your favorite things take the stage front and center.

The best design is the one that is your perfect LBD.

What are the 5 top things you count on each day?

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  1. hi lbd!
    i’ve been meaning to stop by and tell you how much i LOVE your new venture! well done. if you can believe it my favorite pastime is perusing all things related to interior design. yup, i like home decorating even more than putting my latest outfit together. and i think i need that coffee table…

    1. Morning! What a match we are…I follow you to keep my wardrobe updated and you can check in with us to make your “other” LBD perfect. Kristen can keep us both updated….she’s got it figured out for the next generation for sure. Gotta go see what your Oscar is up to today your blog http://www.styleatacertainage.com -Laurel

  2. My Five Faves: the book I am reading, my old garden cultivator, my hair dryer, my kitchen aid mixer, my iPad. SueG

    1. Looks like Apple is making a lot of everyone’s top favorites. Hummm…perhaps we should also offer stock tips on this blog!!-Laurel

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