Grease is the Word…

is the word…is the word.



If you don’t know what movie this song title is from then I know you are in the under 50 group right off the bat. Yes…we meant to spell it wrong in the title. Not that this matters for todays arm chair traveling to Santorini, Greece.  All ages will want to take this trip!



 (If you missed last week and the concept of Armchair Travel you can catch up quickly.)

I’ve always wondered…..

Why are the homes white and blue?


The White

The limestone is white washed because the sun fades all other colors so fast.  Buildings sometimes need painting three times a year. I guess this is how the Greeks maintain that rugged year round tan…out painting the house all the time!

The Blue

A blue tinted cleaning agent called “loulaki”, that was used for washing clothes, reacted with the limestone plaster and when a few tablets were dropped into it, it dyed the solution blue. I guess we will have to call this the tidy bowl effect.

The Truth

In the 1960’s it was decided by some marketing genius to make this the country’s trademark.  Whatever the reason of why it happened ,I love it! Blue and White is always a fantastic color combination and can work with every decor.

A Working Vacation


Traveling to another country from the U.S. takes a bit of time. I’d want to stay as long as possible.  So many of us now “work”  where ever we are.  Yes, we are supposed to be practicing disconnecting and doing without our devices, but that is not always possible.  I think I could cheat and work a bit at this workstation which would allow me to extend the stay and “live like the locals”.

The Daily Basics


Always love places where there is just enough kitchen to bring out the inner Julia in me without too much commitment.  A few local fruits/vegs, cheese, real butter with bread and a good wine could go along way.


I’m still pondering the bathrooms in Greece.   Most of the places I looked at have the bathrooms tucked away in areas that have no natural light…cavelike.  Really no need to fret about this too much.  Seems like there are alternatives just waiting out the door.


Seems private enough to me.


As I said last week, unique properties to me simply mean something different that what we have in our home.  What a cool bedroom. One we’d remember forever I think.

We see the  Light


Writers from all countries mention the Radiant Light in Greece. They are often talking about the daylight, I am sure.  The evenings are pretty spectacular as well.


Once again, we are too busy to hop over to Greece this week. So this weeks guilty pleasure  will be to take time to do a little arm chair traveling to Santorini. Opa!

Savor your Sunday

Thank you for taking a few minutes of your day to spend with us. 

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  1. Now we can all sleep better knowing this “useful” info. We will be able to impress our friends and be ready for the Greece category on Jeopardy.

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