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The number one comment we hear during and after a project from so many of our clients is, “I would have never thought of that!”  We are so very thankful that you depend on us to “think like that”  but we can’t take all the credit.

 The best designers, the ones that can walk in a room or look at a photo, and immediately know what to do…are the ones with a built-in sixth sense.  It’s in our genes.  Perhaps an extra chromosome or some strange combo of DNA.  When you’ve got this, it is both a blessing and a curse.  We are obsessed with details and know these details make the difference in every project.

Capturing them all on our own is not always good.  It’s like watching someone else’s vacation photos….if you were not there they are not as mind-boggling!  We know we need help to channel this energy or we’d never be able to sleep at night.

Enter the Professional Photographer

They see things in a different light.


Photo by Damsel in Dior

Below are some detail photos taken by two very talented photographers of a few of our projects.  When we ask them to do a shoot, we have them do the usual long room shots and make sure that the overall project is captured.  They do a wonderful job with this. The fun begins when we ask them to go back thru the project and “photo what they see”.   Here’s a little taste of looking at the work from behind the camera. Not only do they zero in on the intricate parts of a project, they also give us their view with some amazing mood making filters.


Photo by Jim Dantin

Waterford_7710.jpgPhoto by Al Larson


We live in our homes everyday yet sometimes don’t “see” it as others do.  We don’t always see the perfect LBD we have created.   It’s very easy to let the daily grind get in the way of appreciating our surroundings.  Easy to feel the urge to change something we think is not good enough maybe because of how we are inundated with what should be.   

On this Motivational Monday let’s applaud these two photographers who continue to give us a glimpse of why we should be content as we really look at our own homes.  To our clients who  allowed us to share these photos we personally say “thank you” for having us be part of your journeys.

For me, I choose contentment every day.-Laurel 

154 Bella Vista Terrace-large-029-27-154BellaVista 8629-1500x994-72dpi.jpg

Why not talk to a photographer today…your home is ready for its close up!

In Southwest Florida Al Larson


In Indiana and Kentucky


Photo of Pup is from Damsel in Dior – A Lifestyle Blog we follow. This gal knows the meaning of contentment.


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