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A Pretty Nice Kitchen

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kitchen by  slimrandles

Before anyone gets upset and starts hyperventilating, this is not going to happen.  If it did, the HGTV shows of house hunting would have to look for all new clients.  I can count on one hand the shows where buyers were NOT looking for “stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops”.  Manufacturers have enjoyed a really long run of this most desired metal.  In the U.S. 123,000 appliances are sold daily.  I can’t find the number of how many of these are stainless but I know its high. There are many, many kitchens that are just outstanding using stainless…but what if we stretched outside of the box a little and said no to these finger printing  gleaming machines?

Integrated Appliances Panels


kitchen by palmieri

Now and in years prior,  high end kitchens have used appliances that are an internal part of the cabinetry.  Panels made from the same, or a coordinating cabinet material take the place of any otherwise exposed metal.  This is still a very popular option for modern European designs. In the example above, we like the clean lines of the double door refrigerator in the cabinet panels. The dishwasher is probably paneled too.  The little bit of stainless for the range is a nice accent.  However, this type of design is expensive.  Integrated appliances (cabinet depth) are a considerable amount more than standard models and then there is the cost of the panels and trim kit for installation.  You have to agree it is a nice look with all the white detail contrasting with the beautiful wood floor.

We know we have you a bit shaken up at the thought that we are going to suggest something other than stainless appliances.  If you don’t have the layout, or wish to blow the budget, to do a integrated kitchen there are still some very savvy concepts that designers love.  Bear with us.  There is no commitment needed to ponder these ideas.   All we want to do is show some options that can really set a design apart.  You might even be able to quit googling the best way to clean stainless steel appliances and let your family touch the refrigerator.


White and Black Appliance Options for Every Kitchen


Whirlpool has some amazing appliances on the market that mix white, black and even a slate with stainless accents.  Whirlpool is a moderate price point brand that now offers what we feel is a high end look.  Sleek and sophisticated.  We are open to look at a few really great designs that use appliances in something other than stainless steel.

White Examples


Whirlpool  Ice White

This is a promo piece by Whirlpool for their Ice White appliances. We really like the way these pieces look almost integrated in this design. This design looks much higher end than what it costs to implement. For all the gray color pallets trending now, using white appliances vs stainless creates a much more custom decor. Add in a vintage multi color area rug and get ready to wow everyone.  Many won’t know what is different at first…but will feel good in this space and see the confidence in your choice!


kitchen by freshhome

Our turn for an example. Designer’s look at a space, or room and take the whole space into consideration. We see a lot of the same decor of what ever is trending at the time.  Some design trends are good, some not so much. So when we see one that makes us take a second look and we decide we like it….we delve into it.  This one is pulling us in.  It has trending marble tops, glass subway tile, skinny island pendants and cabinet hardware. Yes it does have a fieldstone floor, but it’s in a medium color and many of the ceramic tiles you might already have in place could work with this concept.  But look…what puts this kitchen so far above so many kitchen renovations are the white appliances with the stainless accent in the handles.   It’s stunning and so doable with just a little nudge.

Run to radiance.jpg

kitchen by run to radiance

Another fine example of using white appliances.  Look how small this space is and how perfect it is for its chef.  Again, this concept is achievable in a lot of kitchens.  As designers, we’ll guide you with excitement towards this end.  We are swooning

Black Examples

Home Edit .jpg

Whirlpool Matte Black

 Again, we do like the accent of stainless and the sleek design of these pieces. We admit, the marketing promo above of Whirlpool Matte Black is not heart stopping, but using black appliances can be.  Take a look with an open mind.

Decorpad .jpeg

kitchen in decor pad

Here we have a lot of the same concepts and products that are trending. This kitchen does offer classic design.  Light marble counter and splashes (love the full splash), and a medium color tile floor.  Lots of us have something similar to this floor from our Tuscan days.  It can stay!  Look at the addition of the black appliances and hood.  Nice.  The owner has overcome staying inside the safe design box. Is that a white refrigerator we see peeking into the picture at the far left?!   Be still our hearts. The kitchen is in a fairly small space. An all white pallet with stainless appliances would make the space look smaller and each finish melt into the next.  The black appliances are like eyeliner…defines the space and makes the other finishes pop.  Everyone will want to hang out in this kitchen!

Houzz .jpg

In this kitchen we applaud the homeowner for many things but especially the use of moderate priced black finish appliances.  This kitchen is classic and current at the same time.  Love the addition of the small cabinet at the end of the peninsula run.  A custom design created with a simple mass marketed cabinet.

We hope you are enjoying the way white or black appliances are being used in designs today.  The use of these pieces can be impactful both in high end and also more moderate kitchens.  Stainless is holding its own and we are only one small design firm so no need to fret just yet. Enjoy stainless if you have it or if you still want it.  Since we promised to share things we get excited about, we wanted to share the idea of using stainless as an accent. This is not a new concept but one we’d like to see more of when you are ready to entertain the possibility.

Finishing up, lets look at a few kitchens across the pond.   We all pay a fortune to go on vacations to use these very concepts.  Europeans have got the black and white kitchen under their belts. Bravo!






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While we are talking about kitchens, and our photos are all so black and white, I wanted to pass along a recipe I tried this week from our friend at Broma Bakery.  Not only does this taste so gourmet…the photo is amazing and adds a bit of color to our post.  Thanks Sarah!


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