Friday Night Cat Fight

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It’s been said working with two designers is like putting a pair of cats in a bag and letting them work it out. It’s not a pretty thought.  While we can see how this might happen, nothing could be further from the truth with our partnership.

We bring two perspectives to each project. Most times the overall foundation of our concepts are very similar. However, no matter how many times we work together we can always count on each other to look at the same thing just a little differently. Such was the case recently when this kitchen in Houzz caught our eye.

Black and white are such a classic, fool proof color combo. One that can stretch to accommodate so many decor alternatives. There are elements we  both love about this design. Like the simple wood “cabinet company” hood that has been transformed with black paint. How cool is this? We applaud the designer who encouraged the client to consider this option . We know from what we do every single day…this took some faith and the outcome is stunning! Bravo!

The pendants hanging in front of both the white cabinets and black hood is breath taking. The sconces to the left/right of the hood would be wonderful somewhere else in the room. However, we can’t help but imagine this gorgeous full stone splash with a little less “bling” or perhaps even nothing. We also both think the bar stools, while we love that little ring on the back(!), are too formal for most everyday aspects of life.

Using the sample boards that are part of our Digital Design package, let us show you the few tweaks we’d do to this design and what might be on these counters if this were our kitchen’s.


18891061 copy

Kristen’s Friday Favorites

Friday Favorite KB.jpg



18891061 (1) copy

Laurel’s Friday Favorites

Favorite Friday LB.jpg

See, not one single drop of blood was shed by either of us cats!

Hope you enjoy our favorites this week and yourWired .jpg St Pats Friday.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Night Cat Fight”

  1. Alas, I’m still not getting LBD automatically in my emails. I only get Instagram pictures without the narrative. So I didn’t get to comment on the shelves full of family heirlooms yesterday. It works so well with the repetition of the blue colors, etc. throughout and the collection of like items, too. I am having bookshelves installed in my bedroom and plan to use your concepts. I collect interestingly-shaped sage green pottery which I will scatter among the books to start. Thanks for opening my eyes. Sue

  2. Love the marble behind the stove! This kitchen is way too dressy for me. It’s a Louisville kitchen, not a Maine one. *sigh*

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