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When you get to be, say in your mid fifties, you start to think about the rest of your life.  Not in a morbid way, that it’s more over than not, but in a way that perhaps you could make some changes.  We start to evaluate the decisions we’ve made up until now.  Do we have a career we like, do we want to keep doing this or consider a change. Have we planned for the next steps in our lives, whatever they will be. Are our kids starting to need us less and are we happy about that.  How big of a home do we need? None of these questions have the same answers for everyone nor are they clear cut. So many of us postpone the decisions until…say about our mid sixties.  Then we panic and think we have to do something fast!  Part of this comes from the national push to “downsize”.  To many the idea of downsizing is not only overwhelming, but somewhat depressing.  We don’t want to go “down”! Choosing to make a change in your home can be fun and very liberating.  Lets look at one inspiring example.

This brings us to our “Old Guy” who really does Rule!   This guy, and his lovely wife, decided to buy their retirement home in Fl in about 45 minutes. It wasn’t pretty, needed updating and would require a bit of planning to make it their own. Whether this was preplanned or part of a nagging “we should do something”, they knew the place was right the minute they saw it.  They looked at this one place and that was that. We have had the opportunity to be a part of their whirlwind journey.

During the early planning for the renovations, we were not for certain if some of the furnishings from their long time family home would need to be incorporated.  Therefore, a design evolved that could use either traditional or more modern pieces.  Before the work was complete, our clients decided to start fresh with the furnishings. They were open to the idea of using a mixture of styles and finishes.  Our Mrs. “Old Guy” began an earnest internet search and shopping spree to find pieces she knew they’d love in their new home.  She used us as a sounding board for her ideas and counted on us to help her bring it all together.  We think you will enjoy the outcome in the slideshow below!

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Photos by Al Larson

The clients used our services to complete the set up of their home and were treated to a reveal to rival any of the HGTV remake shows. Since moving in they have brought small items from their previous home.  Art, accessories they actually use and family photos have made this house their home.   We think this is the home of one cool set of grandparents!

11:08 am 3.18.17- Update– As is happening more and more, readers are sending requests for further details even before the posting day is over. The requests today…what did this place look like before?  Easy answer-just like every other 20 yr old home in a retirement community- ready to be loved some more!

How to use Online Shopping to the Max

Often clients friends, or family will ask about the source of something they have seen in a project.  While we never reveal our clients sources or encourage someone to use the same items, we are happy to discuss our online shopping design service with others.  This is part of our Digital Design package.  Our Sample Boards below show an example of selections currently available at Wayfair https://www.wayfair.com/ that could easily be options in the design above.  We do not make money when we recommend a source.  As a matter of fact, our clients enjoy our trade discounts and additional custom services from the online companies we work with.

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Pondering a little online decor shopping…perhaps we can assist you too!

We’d love the opportunity to talk with you and show you ideas that are the perfect LBD for you!  It’s quick, fun and can cost less than you think.

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  1. What a beautiful home. It’s uncluttered, contemporary, comfortable and bright. So inviting! They should consider a “house swap!” Just sayin’…..

  2. What a great before and after! It is so light and bright, now. I also like the sample boards. And I’m still so happy with my new lights you suggested I buy from Wayfair….they changed the whole look of my kitchen!

  3. Love this before and after! You really used your magic to make this a beautiful space! Your intro was great – drew me in right away. Any client of yours is lucky! Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi ladies… just left a comment and it got eaten up. You ladies did a magnificent job with this place! The owners must have been wowed! Have a great weekend!

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