Your Tailor is Waiting


Wait a minute…are we talking about our homes or our wardrobes?  Anna is no doubt talking about what we wear.  We think there is a huge connection in what appeals to each of us.  Inspiration can come from anywhere.  Why not the fashion icons of the world or the flawlessly messy French girl we all swoon over?

For a bit of fun, and because it’s Motivational Monday and we think this quote is so true, lets take a quick look at what each of us thinks about how fashion and decor go hand in hand.

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I can’t remember what these structures are called  (as soon as this posts I will think of it) but I have saved this photo for years. I like the heather gray mix of color and texture on the top of a creamy smooth base.

And…I’ve always loved white or off white pants and skirts as a wardrobe staple.  If I knew who this gal was, I would send her the photo above and suggest she get some smoky blue boots!



This is a look I can always master. ( Without the torn jeans because my beloved thinks we shouldn’t pay for clothes with “holes” in them and I think they look best on the younger ones.)  Jeans and a jacket are always so chic and pretty effortless.  I’ve been obsessed with the mossy green velvet most of my life yet have never owned any in our home or my wardrobe.  Gotta get on this…on both accounts.


Just threw this guy in here because I need to call him and tell him he is perfect for our post but he’s sitting in front of a mess.  Remember our motto…too much of a good thing  is well…too much!

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We really do not conspire with each other to have our 50/50 selections often be so similar.  That would be like cheating…right? Sometimes it just happens and confirms two things.  One, we are a very compatible team and two, that good design is always the right choice.  Whites mixed with almost any other colors never go out of style.  Along with the gray and white above, let’s look at another classic blue and white.


This kitchen takes this theory to the top!  Not over the top, but superbly with a decor that is timeless.  This is a wonderful example that moving outside of your comfort zone of “white painted cabinets” is fantastic.  You need to have a solid plan (and yes like a broken record…a designer can help) and then sit back and enjoy your kitchen for the next 30 years.

If you need a little practice before you get out your paintbrush…try getting the blues with portable decor items. A little raspy music can help get you in the mood.



And of course there is the LBD.  


  Even though we are telling others we are moving away from watching or getting our fix on computers and iPads, there is still the BBB (Big Black Box) in our homes. It may be the holy grail for some time yet.  Why not make it part of the decor.


Hmmm…I feel a post about bathrooms coming on.

Remember in earlier posts how we boldly said designers were the “Hairdressers of the Home”?Hairdresser of the Home  Well now we think we’ve moved into the world of tailoring too.

Our scissors are ready when you are.