Does this “Art” Make My Wall Look “Big”?

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That’s a loaded question.  In any other context  we often do not like the answer.  However, yes my dear, your wall does look “big” and it looks great!

Do you have a large wall in your home?  Whether you live in a condo, an apartment or a house, our guess is that you could find some empty wall space to play with.  Could this be the meaning of less is more?

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I admit it.  I am obsessed with art of all kinds.   If there is one design tip I’d like to pass on to everyone just starting off and designing their new homes, it is to buy art. Originals when you can, and art that speaks to you regardless.   Art in all types of media. These are the pieces of your decor that will always find a spot in any home and ones that have stories and meaning.  Having empty walls are sometimes better than buying mass produced “filler”pieces.   Today lets take a look at large canvas and framed wall art.  The opportunities are endless.

“Art has energy, it has an elegance to it. If you look at really sophisticated, decorated spaces in top interior design magazines, they all have original art on the walls. ” Andrea Carson

Create Strong Statements

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Project Subtle or Bold Impacts


Nothing completes and can personalize a room quite like a beautiful piece of artwork, especially in large scale.  Single pieces of large art work in a room deliver a statement.  The content is entirely up to you.  You know a piece when you see it and yet at times we “pass” only to keep thinking about what should have been.

Have Funky Fun



Set the Mood


Artwork can be the focal point of your room. You can use it to help establish a color palette for your room. It will provide style and sophistication that is sure to impress your house guests and makes you feel good every time you pass by.

Art that IS the Decor


 Artwork will customize and complete the look of your rooms. It is much easier to design a room around art than to hunt for the “perfect piece.” When buying art for your home it is important that you find pieces that you love, are unique and special to you.  They should fit your personality. If you love it, buy it!

Ready to dress up your walls today with a perfect piece of oversized art?

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  1. Wowza… the artwork in the photos really makes a statement. What would have been an okay room turns into a stunning room because of the art. I would have to have someone other than my husband to hang it if I wanted it to look straight! Have a great weekend, ladies.

  2. Didn’t you just write a post on preppyemptynester about all the gadgets the Mister has? Like me you are probably one lucky woman and your stud…has a stud finder he drags out for every piece of art to hang. That one always cracks me up!-Laurel

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