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“What’s one thing I can do quickly, and not spend too much money,  to my home this spring?”- EF



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Kristen is going to get an “I told you so” moment with this Motivational Monday post.  All these photos are from my nemesis Pinterest.  See how much I am learning from this gal!

We get a lot of questions from clients about bed linens all the time.  Which are the best?   Do I have to pay hundreds of dollars on sheets?  I have a dog that sleeps with us…now what?  So when the question above popped up about something to do quickly and relatively “cheaply” I thought about what I do personally when I need to feel accomplished when updating our home. Let’s kill two birds with one stone and take advice from the queen bee of luxury. (not me but I’m trying)

Change Out your “Undergarments”



It’s not the most exciting thing to buy a new mattress pad or pillows but it does give you a feeling of accomplishment.  If you don’t want to buy new, at least give them all a good airing out and laundry.  If they are torn, stained or just plain icky, make new ones the first priority in your budget.  Start with your bed but don’t forget the others in your home.



How many sets, or parts of sets, do you have taking space?  Do you have linen closets you drool over and show off to your friends?  Me neither!  Sheets I have never look like this when I do them myself.  I do confess of taking sheets to the laundry in the past but I am over that now.  Let’s be real…how many do we really need?  Personally, our standby is one set on the bed which works best for us on a daily basis.  They come out of the wash and back onto the bed.  This is the best way I have found to have “less” wrinkled sheets.  I am weird about fresh pillow cases every day and have mastered the fine art of folding them so they do look like this!  Point is to clean out your sheet larder and keep the best for yourself.  You deserve them everyday.  Besides, sheets are like shoes, we are going to buy more as life goes on.

After years of buying bed linens to coordinate every decor in all the many homes we have had, we have evolved to one standard.  White linens.  They are easy to dress up or down, can be laundered every day if needed, thanks to the pups, they don’t fade and generally get softer the more we use them.   How boring coming from a designer you say…not really..just another trick in our fairy godmother bag.  White bed linens can complement nearly every decor.








And from the Queen Bee…dive in!





Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.-Coco Chanel

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