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“How do I go about giving my daughters design time as a gift?”

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 Virtual Interior Design Packages

Thanks for asking!  Yes, we have pretty little gift certificates you can purchase for your girls.  Take a look at the packages available below and contact us to work out the details of what works for you.

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Channel Your Inner Designer Chats – You know what you want and only need a bit of confidence to go for it! Perhaps its confirmation on a paint color, an objective review of a pending purchase, or a simple chat when something is not turning out as you planned.  We can probably help you figure out a solution quickly.  These chats are also nice after you start implementing a project, with the plan from us (your designer BFF) or one of your own.  When you need just a quick confirmation on something to keep your project moving with confidence.

$50 Per Chat’s of up to 30 minutes.

House Whisperer.jpg

House Whisperer Service – Urgh! You are frustrated with your decor. It’s just not what you want it to be. Looking at online ideas and sources just makes you more confused. What is the best for your homes architecture, lighting, size? Budget? Don’t even throw this question into the mix right now! You are not ready for a plan but know you could benefit from having a professional opinion on a space.  However, the idea of fitting in another appointment at a designer’s minimum rate puts you back into shut down mode. Enter the House Whisperer.  You can do your part in your pjs and from the sofa.  We will give you a general overview of both the assets and the areas that need some TLC.

$150 Per Room

The Baby BFF.jpg

The Baby BFF Design Package – You are ready to work on a specific area!  You need a plan!  Complete with decor suggestions and  a shopping list.  You’ll get design photo boards with written guidelines of how to implement your project and an online page with links of where to find the items suggested.  This is DIY with a plan in hand!

$375 Per Room

The BFF.jpg

The  BFF Design Package – In addition to all the items you get in the Baby BFF, this packet includes a floor plan of the area you are working on.  Elevations can also be provided for kitchen and bathrooms.  Including a floor plan in your package allows us to make recommendations that will include sizing information and guidelines you can use to begin obtaining costs for a project.  The people you hire to do your project can’t be on the same page ….unless you actually have the page.  This goes double if you are related to your contractor!!

Packages Beginning @

   $775 For Kitchens Including Elevations
       $575 For Bathrooms Including Elevations
        $475 For Other Rooms without Elevations

Learn More About How Virtual Design Works

Let us know a little about what you are hoping to accomplish. This is as simple as a quick email to your best friend.

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Contact Us

Within 24 hours, on business days, we will respond to your email letting you know how we can help you achieve your goals.  We will send you a link back to this page as a personal “copy”  of the design packages we offer.  You review what the packages include and the cost of each package along with our recommendation of what package we think will work best for your perfect LBD.  If your project does not fit into one of our neat little packages, we will provide you a personalized quotation.

At this point you decide if you’d like to hire us to work with you.  We will be thrilled if you say “Yes” and will wish you the best with moving forward if you say “No Thanks”.  Never any hard feelings, and we will always welcome the opportunity to work with you again in the future.

When you say “Yes”!…we all get started.  Working as a team with back and forth communications.  We will call you to get your credit card information, for the agreed upon fees, and then off we go.

We will direct you using email, and possibly texting, what photos to send us and any measurements we would like to have.  You don’t have to be a professional photographer or even draw straight lines.  We are pretty good at reading your mind and not too proud to ask when we don’t “get you”.

Within a few days we will review your info and send you a questionnaire to complete. You can send as many inspiration and example photos you have been collecting back with your answers.

Then you sit back and let us do our thing for a bit. As soon as possible, but without rushing, we will send you a design packet we think best fits your goals.

Once you have had a chance to review our recommendations for your project, we can have another chat to see if we can help further or to cheer you on as you implement your plan.

Now, doesn’t this sound like fun?!

For more info, details and examples…

See How Virtual Design Works



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