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How do I choose the right shade of white?

Designers have always had a love affair with the colors of  “white”.  Colors so soft they almost melt on the walls.  Colors that look like they feel like velvet and like we could dip our fingers straight thru them.  The creamier the better.  Colors that stay true day or night.

But man…finding just the right white is a bear isn’t it?  We have to laugh when we read about the “signature white” of any certain designer and clients want to use “only” that color. Or when a paint manufacturer calls a paint “Decorator White” and then sells it to everyone without a clue what their home looks like.  Really?  And if you do venture past the recommendation of the paint guy…how many little swatches of “white” are there at any given paint store?  If it was easy to pick the very best, perfect white for your home you’d never need us!

We will let you in on a little secret, whites with a little tint give us the finishes we crave.  Let’s take a look at three colors we are always head over heels about when the stars align and we get to recommend these.  We use our own food related names to talk about these, but you can look at them at Benjamin Moore.

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Our Buttermilk.jpeg

evolution of sytle .jpg

Evolution of Style



Wayfair .jpg



Studio & McGee


Our Buttercream.jpeg

inspirationalpaint .jpg








Our Eggnog.jpeg

wreckorated .jpg

Wreck orated


Laurel Home





Every one of the examples of tinted whites above is stunning.  These colors can be the background to some beautiful interiors.  They are welcoming in finishes and furnishings.  There is an art and a science to mixing wall paints with other colors in the decor. With a little extra planning they really can be absolutely outstanding.

Time for a shameless plug for hiring a designer.  Choosing the perfect shade of “white” is a very good time to use a professional.  A quick in the home consultation or even using a virtual designer who can talk you through the process can save you some heartache after the paint dries.

What is your favorite shade of white?

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