Pass the Cream Please


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There is one constant item in ALL Florida vacation homes that isn’t very attractive or user friendly.  It’s that coated white shelving!  Every builder uses it.  I know this is why places like Lowe’s and Home Depot stay in business.  IT IS UGLY.  In Florida after about one week, it get’s a sticky residue that is like pulling gum off your shoe for anything sitting on it.  In other climates it gets “hairy”. So what does this have to do with cream…..



Well it brings us to a favorite project where our client was on board with getting rid of anything ugly in her coastal vacation home.  Off came the doors to a standard size pantry and out went…you guessed it…the wire shelving.  In went a beverage niche, complete with counter, bottom covered storage (you will see in the slide show) and the coolest and most serviceable open shelves.  Before you send the questions…”where does she keep her food?”…Food can go in cabinets.  Yes, even in several cabinets in the areas you actually use it.  Takes a little thought but if you can end up with something like this…wouldn’t you rather be saying “Coffee, tea or wine?”



How about a tour of the rest of her Coastal Cottage?

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Talk about mastering the fine art of using just the right amount of accessories.  This gal knows what she likes!

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Photos By Al  Larson

 An outstanding example that your LBD is the one that is perfect for you.


Kick the sand off your feet and go ahead and pass the cream!

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