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My husband would jump in anyone’s suitcase at anytime.  He is infamous for agreeing to be part of your travel plans in what I call polite conversations.  He is the ultimate traveler and makes your trip the event of a lifetime. You can’t wait to plan your next vacation with him.

There’s one catch…with him you get moi. I am not a traveler…I am a nester.  I have regular meltdowns packing and unpacking a suitcase.  To me travel is for business and a necessity.  See how this can cause friction during your trips of a lifetime?  But because I adore this guy, our old friends, and our new friends who also have been bitten by his travel bug,  I’ve come up with a solution that works for all of us a majority of the time.   If I don’t get to pick the destination……


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The White Villages of Malaga Spain

I’ve even gotten sneaky and preselected the accommodations before my beloved, or his entourage, know where they want to go.  This works even better when they think it is their idea.  A skill I admit.


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If you have been following us since our inception (less than 3 mos in real time) then you know I am an expert at Armchair Travel. I know a place inside and out before I agree to go.  I am like a truffle hunting pig digging up the best value for our dollars.  Luxury does not have to cost a lot.  This week let’s look at Southern Spain.  This region is full of what is termed “The White Villages”.  The exteriors speak for themselves.  The interiors are a vast array of pure design pleasure.


Drodriva .jpg


Escuela La Crujia.jpeg

Escuela La Crujia

Archez White Village .jpeg

Archez White Village

Farmhouse in Gaucin.jpeg

Farmhouse in Gaucin


Look what you get with the Farmhouse Choice.  I do love my Alpaca socks and our border collie would go nuts with these guys as her neighbor, but glad someone else is on pooper scooper duty.  See another perk of using someone else’s dream home.





Pinterest (what this is in Spain too!)



Now that you are on the edge of your seats, like you know who and itching to book the next adventure,  here’s the place we will be feathering our nest when the idea of Malaga, Spain pops up in his head.


One of the best things in European destinations is that it’s easy to enjoy big city amenities and use public transportation and guides who know the countryside.  It’s an interpreter and chauffeur all in one!


Immediate Cool Architecture





Reality Living – Eat, Sleep



One last “trick” I employ.  If I preselect a nest as perfect as the one above, I don’t always tell our group where we are staying.  I let them make their own abode arrangements.  Other times, we book an incredible villa for all of us and let the party never end.  It’s all about finding our perfect LBD…even if it’s not ours!

Need to catch up with some other perfect LBD’s we are Arm Chair Traveling to?

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Leave us a comment below…would you like to go to these places?


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