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If you are in the over 50 crowd, you probably remember Sunday dinners. Sometimes these were at Grandma’s, or an old Aunts house .  You either have the best memories of walking in the door to unbelievable smells….or kicking and screaming the whole way that you did not want to go.  Whatever your memory, the point is that families at least tried to dine together.

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The idea of a Dining Room has been around for a very long time.  Somehow  tho the idea of actually eating in them has changed.  When did it become fashionable to spend your time and money on a room to use maybe 2 times a year? We are not sure either.  These rooms are often some of the best rooms in the house and could be the source of daily family memories.




What!  Are we suggesting you use your dining room everyday? But that’s where we entertain the most important dinners, most important events with the most important people in our lives.


Line your family up in front of this mirror….these are the most important people for your dining room.


DP Debbie

We are not suggesting to toss your kitchen table, bar stools or give up serving breakfast in your car.  These all work for when you need them to and we are sure they look smashing. (Well, maybe except the interior of your car which may need a little TLC. )  What if you used your dining room for your family….for no other reason than because they are special and it could be fun!


images copy.jpeg




If you’ve got kids, had kids or can find a few to borrow…you have the perfect table setters.  Husbands will get in on this too once they see their biggest Leave it to Beaver moments are coming true with their family all at the table.  (personal experience and another post for sure!) With a very little training of the basic table setting, you can turn these little creative machines loose and come up with some amazing everyday table themes.  Think of all the time they can spend planning, creating and displaying their efforts.  You get a few minutes to actually fix the food with the kids busy and some of the best social media photos to share.  Good meals or bad, what we all gain are some pretty good memories that don’t always happen eating at the kitchen counter or in front of our technology. (gasp!)



If you are not ready to turn the masses lose in your dining room yet, you can apply the same theory in a more casual setting.  However, we are going to keep trying to get you to use the Big Room more often.  Ease into it.  Once a month, once a week, ah…Sundays!


Arm your table setter with these things and “make every day a holiday and every meal a banquet!”- shb


Placemats– You’ve got many or can treat your family to new ones. Ones that can be wiped off are what works for me.

hometalk .jpeg

Napkins– They don’t have to be cloth. If they are choose ones that are dark enough to camo stains and they look chic wrinkled.  If they are “paper” you could spring for the nicer white ones at your grocery.


Just threw this in here because our daughter is the queen of the folded napkin…who knew she’d grow to have such talents.



Candles Almost any clear jar, glass, container can become a beacon on your table if you stock up on these cheap/disposable/don’t drip before they burn out tea candles.  Find a cool container to house them that is now part of your “I’m so cool I use my Dining Room decor!”


Centerpiece– So many options.  Greener is always nice. Food works great too.  In a pinch and really trying to keep the room special no matter what…the KFC bucket is usually a hit!


If you are really an overachiever, or have watched a lot of HGTV,  we know you have hurricanes lurking somewhere.  They really can be reworked for almost every theme you can think of.  Double duty…the candles can be the center piece.   This is my lazy go to choice.





No matter how many are dining, taking a few minutes to make a meal a little more special, even for yourself, is rewarding.

This Sunday perhaps you will think about kick starting a plan to use this special room more often. Involve the others in your house to take a few minutes to catch up and engage. Life is short, our families are what are the most precious.  More than the decor, more than the fear of getting something dirty or having something broken.  I have a feeling the architects of the dining room had more in mind than just eating in this space.

Savor your Sunday!

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6 thoughts on “Be Our Guest”

  1. I really liked the dining room message and views. I have always loved setting a tablescape with yard flowers and materials that I have on hand. In fact, it is the first thing that I do when preparing for a family or friends dinner is set the table. I like looking at it. Food comes next. Keep up the good work. CF


  2. We just – about two months ago – started using our dining room more! It feels like we are dining out now since it was so seldom used before!
    Thanks for the tips! Love your blogs!

    1. Good point…eating out at home! Might have to do a follow up post about that. We’ve been blessed with so many amazing food blogger friends I know they would help!

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