Tiny House – Terrible or Terrific?



“In 1931, Airstream began with Wally Byam’s dream: to build a travel trailer that would move like a stream of air, be light enough to be towed by a car, and create first-class accommodations anywhere.

Every inch of an Airstream has a function. Airstream is the most thoroughly tested brand in trailer history.  Its engineering is the culmination of over 80 years of experience plus millions of miles on roads throughout the world.

With Airstream, there is no planned obsolescence. Airstreams of the Thirties are still on the road today, sturdy and modern as ever. They are intended as a lifetime investment in happiness.”-Airsteam Website


To many of you in the under 50 group, you probably don’t even know what an Airstream is.  To those of us over 50, we remember this was the dream of most of our Dad’s.  If he could have pulled his Airstream with a beautiful Buick all the better.  Reality was more like a Starcraft pulled by a pick up but that would not make a good post so we will stay with the silver bullet above.

1930's interior.png

The Airstream was, and still is, a camper.  As their current website professes, the concept of an Airstream is that every inch has a function.  Sounds a lot like the Tiny House craze that is on HGTV now.  I will say it right off the bat…I DO NOT WANT to live in this tiny of a house all the time.  I do not want to pull my home behind me.  Give me a well designed 600′ space and I will live in it, with my one other person, forever.  (to be discussed in a future post)  However, I recognize and believe good design is forever.  I am also the first to promote there is a perfect LBD for everyone.   Let’s take a look at how well designed this classic piece of architecture is evolving.


Here’s one that has been renovated to retain a lot of the original layout with a somewhat vintage decor.  Stills feels like a fishing/camping trip, but the add of AC looks encouraging.



This is a newer model with the metal panels on the inside as well as the outside. The decor is kinda Jetson-Bohemian cool and I can see serious parties in here.



I wish this photo was larger but it’s already too grainy to blow up more.  Wanted you to see it because I do think this is a more permanent home for someone and I applaud them for making a camper feel more like an apartment.



Which brings us to why I wanted to write this post.  The team at Modern Caravan is serious about using the Classic Airstreams as the foundation to creating a tiny home I really appreciate.  (FYI- They are booked until summer of 2018 already since starting the company in January.  So if you want to be a gypsy any time soon you better contact them now.)  Look at this flooring.  Beautiful, user friendly and brings a cohesive anchor for the decor.


Real appliances.  Oven, cooktop and refrigerator .  Tall storage and just look at the tile splash and knife magnetic.  Don’t forget to note the area rug.  In a  “Camper”!  Be still my heart.


While we are in the kitchen, more storage, water fall counter top (remember Julia Child said a good cook only needs 3′) and a view.  Would not even miss a dishwasher.


This is just plain charming.

modern-caravan-vintage-airstream-renovation-dining-733x489.jpgTrying to decide what I like better, the all white walls with nature as the art, or the ever so chic pendant light.  For every client who has ever asked for a banquette….this is a good one!

modern-caravan-airstream-remodel-bed-1-733x1100.jpgWe can figure out that the table becomes the bed.  Two pro’s-one, that’s a pretty nice size bed and two, no way the bed wouldn’t be made every day.


Look’s like they have followed the Japanese chick’s folding rules.  I keep meaning to read that book and let my clothes spark joy.  Next week.

modern-caravan-airstream-remodel-bedroom-detail-733x1100.jpgThis storage method I have mastered.  Love hooks….all shapes, sizes and style.  Going a little crazy over the art, yes in a “Camper” and can’t wait to see the bathroom I see peeking out.


Yep…this is my favorite space in this “home”. (see I am warming up to the idea that it is not only a camper) Never before have I seen a compost toilet looking like a decor item.  And a bathroom with walls wrapped in penny white tiles, black faucets, wood counters, an artistic woven basket all with this glorious sunlight…A+.


While I am still not ready to have my residence be on wheels all the time, I do admit even I could “camp” in a “home” like this for awhile.

Bravo to Airstream for continuing to make our future classics and to everyone being so creative to make them your perfect LBD!

What about you…could you live in this tiny house?

We are ready to add an Airstream Renovation to our project bucket list.

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4 thoughts on “Tiny House – Terrible or Terrific?”

  1. Great “take” on the tiny house movement. I’m with you; I prefer not to have to drag my house behind me wherever I go. The designers of the air streams could provide lots of ideas for tiny spaces, especially for renovating small apartments over your garage, for example, which would give the tenants a lot of bang for their buck. A good designer can do wonders for space planning [which I am not.]

  2. I love this blog. Who doesn’t love to go to those camping shows and check out the campers.

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