Help! I need Somebody….

“Help! I need somebody,
Help! Not just anybody,”



Disclaimer: In the Blog , Minecraft like, world we are to give credit anytime we can find it.  Frankly, this makes me crazy.  Unless a photo or info comes directly from a source I personally know, I am not sure any of us are giving credit correctly anyway.  My feeling is that if you put something online it really is for anyone to see and share.  I think this is the point of most blogs.  But since I have an opinion about yours truly above,  I will follow the rules and give John Lennon credit for the few lines of the song lyrics I “borrowed”.   I had to hunt for an image of him worthy of our blog.  Although I like nearly every song the guy wrote, he, Yoko and that bed thing creeped me out.

So what do did we need help with?

Today is our 60th day since the blog went “live” for the public. With constant support, and encouragement of the IT team at WordPress, we have set and met daily, weekly and monthly goals.   We had a large goal of reaching 5000 viewers in the first 90 days.  On day one, this seemed very lofty to a pair of designers with no blogging experience.

So we marketed the old fashioned way, we asked for help.  For you to take a look at LBD and decide for yourself if you wanted to see more.  You have and then some!

While writing this post we went over the 5000 mark by one!  One view. One single click by one of you – our followers.  While numbers make pretty graphs and give us all sorts of analytics, we delight in knowing every tick is from somebody and not just anybody.

They are from you.

Thank You


Of course a very large percentage of our followers are in the United States.   What is exciting to see are the analytics of followers from other countries.  It is mind boggling to all the countries LBD has reached.  Below are the graphics we have received in the last 10 days when a viewer is from somewhere other than the USA.

Thank You 



To everyone in one of these countries, may we do a shameless plug now, reminding everyone that our Digital Design package can be universal.

Tomorrow will come with new goals and exciting opportunities to keep bringing the topics you encourage us to talk about.

Today we ask for your help again. 

If each one of you would ask just one person to look at LBD and consider following us too, we could double our viewers.  You can copy and paste our link into an email or text to make it easy for your “other” to find us the first time.

If each of you reach one person we’d be ever so grateful.

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Once again, a most sincere thank you to our LBD followers. Somebody, not just anybody. You.

Here’s a few of our Favorite Post of the first 60 days! Hit the link below the photo to see the original posts.  Enjoy!

Broma Chocolate-Peanut-Butter-Cake-6
via Bromabakery

Counter Attack



Grease is the Word…

via Pinterest

Need a little Nooky

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