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The Shocking Truth About the Color Pink


Parisians are not afraid to use the color pink.  Look at this gorgeous door somewhere in Paris that remains striking, albeit one might think it is ready for a new coat of paint. (it’s not)  For centuries Europe has embraced the hues that signal the end of their days in sunsets, the fresh cut flowers bought weekly to grace their tables and the macarons that…well are just French.  So why are so many people afraid to use this color in their decor?

Rosas&Xocolate Mexico.jpgRosas&Xocolate Mexico

Apparently Mexico is not shy either to lay it on thick with our Friday Favorite.  Enough about these accepting countries, back to the rest of us.  Here it is, the reason pink is hush hush, ….we are afraid to admit we love the color pink!  Which brings us to the guys in our lives.  The ones who really have it going on like pink.  Yep. Guys look good in pink, they know it, they wear it…they just don’t want to talk about it.   Look at these guys we spotted showing off in pink and some suggestions of the shades designer’s love.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent but you can find them at Benjamin Moore.


Our Cotton Candy.jpg

Our Bubble Gum.jpg

Our Passionate.jpg

Wasn’t this a sexy  fun way start building our confidence about the pinks?!

Moving on, with these Friday Favorites we want to share some examples of ways to consider using the broad spectrum of the beloved pink.  It can be such a design asset!  We Pinky Swear we won’t tell anyone if you like one of these photos.  You might like them all.  Enjoy!

18891061 copy

Kristen’s Examples from Pinterest

Blushing to Bad Ass












Laurel’s Turn

What about using a bold and beautiful pink to make a statement?

Love these Knock Out Kitchens on Pinterest


Decoist really knows how to Mix the Pinks!

Paris .jpg

Everyone Looks Rosy at this Paris Cafe

Hum Ideas .jpg

Hum Ideas Makes a Soft Statement


This Room on Houzz is Barely There

1200px-Pink-house-charleston-sc1.jpgJust to show Paris we are not so far behind in chicness…look at this charmer in Charleston.

Finally, to show the guys we are also in the pink….

Helen Mirren


If she can rock this…we can take a chance in our decor!

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your Friday with us.  Here’s a few past color posts if you’ve got a minute more.

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