Looking Into Those Baby Blues



If each day of the week had a “color”,  I’d have to say Sunday’s would have to be blue.  Not just any blue though.  Not the cobalt, royal, or midnight.  Sunday’s blues are the soft ones…the ones you can “feel”.

You know what blues I am talking about.  The butter soft cashmere sweater one, your favorite guy wears, the one that smells like “him”.  The dusty one like your kids sidewalk chalk. The one like your old pair of Levi’s….you’ve had for ever that never let you down.  You might have them on now. The misty ones at sunrise and sunset.


Light blue is the color most linked to creativity.  Sky blue is the most calming shade of blue that helps a person relax.  Sky blue is also a color that inspires safety and serenity.

So today, let’s talk less and Savor these Sunday Blues.


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Designers have always collected photos.  We have binders full of ones we clipped, categorized and collected years ago.  We have boxes of ones that never got into the binders because life moved too fast to keep up.  Now, with the capability of cloud storage, we have tens of thousands more.  These are filed in neat little folders somewhere in the blue yonder and we are constantly adding more.  There are so many ways to share good design now and we all benefit from this.  Thank you to all the photographers and designers who initially shared these photos.

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