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I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair




It’s Monday and we all need a little Motivation to get the laundry done this week.  Half the nation has been on school spring break somewhere.  The rest of us have played hooky from weekend chores and enjoyed a little spring weather.  Regardless, in a lot of homes right now, there is laundry everywhere. Who are we kidding, this week is not too much different from any other week. There is always laundry to be done!  Unsorted, sorted and lying around in piles ready to wash, some in the washer ready to dry, some laying in the dryer wrinkling and hopefully some hanging and folded, ready to put away.

I confess, I am one who actually likes doing laundry.  (Egad’s…she must be nuts you are thinking.) It is one task that has a start and finish. This gives me a sense of accomplishment.  It can also be done while doing other things with the right system in place.

Yes, we have clients with laundry rooms so wonderful, they don’t mind being chained to the doorknob.  We’ve even created Mom (or Dad) stations in these glorious rooms so that work/internet stuff can be done at the same time.  The photos above from Houzz show some of these amazing rooms.

If you have one of these rooms, and are reading this post while waiting for your last load to spin dry before hanging it up perfectly scented and wrinkle free, then skip over to another category in this fabulous blog.  If you are like me and do not…read on.


Ok Theo, we will give it a try.

Our laundry “room” is 6’x7′.  It is also the entry from the garage, has a double door mechanical closet in it and then another door that leads to a small hall to the “guest suite”  of the house.   The guest suite is a small bedroom with another weird man designed closet and the hall bath that doubles as our “powder room”.  See, designers do not always live is huge homes without any problems that need to be addressed.  For those of you under the 50 mark, the man I am gonna wash right out of my hair is the architect of the frustrating space.  A woman would not have put 4 doors in a 6’x7′ space and make it the main entry to the house for its owners!

Before we get started looking at what a fantastic space planner I am(no choice here), let me say that for all the complaining I do about this 42 sq feet of our home, I do love this carriage house.  It reminds me everyday how a well planned out small space can live large.

Note:  When you double click on any of these small thumbprint images it makes a slide show and enlarges the photos.  Must be blog magic. 




Note:  Alzheimer’s Prevention Station-Know where your keys are and what they are for!



When we contracted to build this unit, we had to beg to not have the upper laundry cabinets and standard sink base installed.  Because I am not below begging, to be able to create something that is the perfect LBD for us, we prevailed and had an “empty” 42′ space to work with.

We chose, for the first time, to have the front load machines on the pedestals that every appliance store must make 200% on because they push them so hard.  The theory is you don’t have to bend to use them if they are on the pedestals and they have these great deep storage units for all sorts of stuff.  Correct, the drawers (with baskets to coral it all) are great…but now, am I not bending down to get the stuff?  Moot point since we could not reach 12″ deep cabinets the builder had planned above the units either.  I am ok with this.  I count it as exercise for the day.




The Top of the Machines-another man has designed this.  On pedestals it’s too tall to do fold on, and if you place the detergent up here the super speed rotations knock it onto the floor.  More bending to pick it up and if you are lucky, it did not explode open.  Try cleaning up “soap”…it never ends.


This is the quote I laminated, and hung on the side of the machine,  after an episode of exploding detergent.  Insert your own thoughts here.


The solution of using the above mentioned real estate, turned out to be very successful.  Canvas totes as laundry hampers. They are water proof, light weight, and so deep that a weeks of laundry is buried down in there out of sight.  Complete with little tags to keep us all happy.  IMG_5053.JPG IMG_5040.JPGIMG_5039.JPG


A little secrete to share about seemingly organized souls.  We are lazy.  After dealing with the inner perfectionist and never allowing a load of clothing to lay in the dryer, we are exhausted!  We need a hanging rod.  Correct, the man who designed the laundry area here intended for it to be over the laundry sink anchored to the cabinets we don’t have.  Said man must not have a dog in his laundry either.  Dog hair and semi dry (wet) clothes do not mix.

Enter the rolling clothing rack.  Another first, but most certainly not our last, for us!  This puppy is the weekly drying rack, the guest room closet rack, the plan your travel wardrobe rack and cost $59.  We roll this out of the closet, under the ceiling fan in the guest bedroom that is exactly 6′ from the laundry door.  And you know what, the bed makes an excellent folding table.  Best of all, we can shut the door and be as lazy as we want “air drying” the weeks laundry.  Yes, there are only 2 of us now but this process could of worked well with the kids home….they could have each had there own rack!

Instant “Portable” Laundry Room.

In closing, let me say that no laundry area, (no matter the size) is complete with a Mr. LBD. Remember that was his ironing board and masked man in the closet.  I choose to avoid those items at all costs. You can see, he prefers to use the dining table as his folding station.  Remember the post when we suggested you use your dining room…he’s a good listener!

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Happy Monday!

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7 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair”

  1. Nice use of space. I enjoy a top loading washing machine because I can leave the lid open to air out the washer. Being closed all the time, like the front loading models, makes the insides smell. We also installed a shower bar screwed high into the wall over the washer and dryer as our laundry room is in a closet. We can hang delicates to dry on it as well as hang knit shirts quickly so they don’t wrinkle. There is no “folding table” in there unless you use the tops of the washer and dryer, which works with everything except sheets. Works for us. There are shelves lining either side of the closet that are sturdy and hold detergents, some cleaning supplies, and some food items, like cereal boxes and paper towels. Works for us.

  2. Thanks for the comment about keeping the door open to avoid musty smells. Yes, we do keep the front loader door cracked, as well as the dispenser tray, until the unit is dry. Most front loaders now have a afresh cycle which helps with odors. We also run a cycle with white vinegar every month. Sounds like your laundry is the perfect LBD for you!

  3. It is nice to have one’s own laundry room; we are renters and must frequent the laundromats; I could go on but not. All are fortunate in many ways. Stay blessed and make-a-do!

    1. Understand. There is something to be said about having it all done at one time via a trip to the laundry. Look at it as your “me time” to read blogs! We love helping clients make rentals their perfect LBD. Many of the Digital Design projects are this exactly.Thank you for reading LBD-Laurel

      1. I do think it as me time away from the apartment; yet when at laundromat, I am troubled by surroundings as well; the quirkiness of people; in that they know what ails you and they tend to pile it on. There is a laundry room in the building we reside in, tenants are all for themselves and stick to their kind…as done everywhere in this world. No matter, this is not the place to dispense of woes and I have lots and lots. Stay well.

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