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Some homes just feel like they belong in the summer.

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They are elegant in an understated way.  Their colors are both cool and inviting at the same time.  Every place to sit is covered in fabrics that welcome sandy feet.  This is a place with pancakes in the late mornings and board games after dinner. These are the places we search for to languish during a family vacation.

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This home was featured in Canadian Log Homes.  It is in Winnipeg, Ontario, situated along the south shore of Lake Rosseau.

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Not many of us have a sunroom surrounded by the sea, or a boat parked in the room! nearby,  but we can dress our homes for the season.  This might be what the term “staycation” really means.


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Remember all the old movies where the family “summers” in the Hampton’s, the Poconos or along some craggy coast?  When they first arrive, all the furniture is covered with the big white cloths they pull off as they fling open the windows.  As you can see in the photos above, the exact opposite is now true.  Summer furniture is shrouded in these natural covers.  It is the most inviting look.  One we can mimic ourselves without even the smallest amount of travel.



Heavy Duty Canvas Drop Cloths are made of cotton canvas fabric constructed with ‘Triple AAA’ grade canvas. Repels the messiest paint spills, protects valuable carpet and flooring, durable, long lasting and reusable. Available in Heavy Weight 8 ounce, Premium Heavy Weight 10 ounce or Super Heavy Weight 12 ounce fabric. Seamed and Hemmed.  Multiple Sizes Available.

These cloths are a designer’s secret.  The 8oz are the most flexible. Right out of the package, washed several times, they can become tablecloths, placemats, table runners, drape panels, shower curtains, free form slip covers, bed covers and bed skirts.  A little handy and you can make slip covers for dining chairs and bar stools.  The edges are hemmed.  Cut, the edges will fray in a cool boho look.  The colors are creamy naturals and you can bleach to whiten them or dye them to darken.  And yes, because they are “painter’s cloths” you can paint and stencil anything you can dream up.

Did I mention they are “cheap” and readily available as long as your hardware store is open. These babies make us all good at DIY projects!

Instant Slip Covers for Chairs and Sofas


Drapes and Shower Curtains in 10 Minutes

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Yellow bliss road


Chair Covers



Frayed and Stenciled

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Bleached or Riveted


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Now This Is Casual Summer Time Decor



Add in a few summer time accessories and you’ve got your staycation booked!





Post Update 7:30am -Remodelista just post this fun breakfast table photo.  These table textiles are wrinkled, natural linen but could easily be painters cloths runners and napkins.  Frayed edges and even stenciled if you like.  Can’t you just see everyone in pjs and tousled hair lingering around a set up like this? And the color infusion to our blue& white palette? What a great way to start any day!


 Looking for ways to summerize your home?

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