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You know where these houses gather. You know the kind of neighborhoods we are talking about.  Tree lined streets artistically lit at dawn and dusk, mature and manicured lawns that fill the air with new grass aroma.  Homes with flagstone walkways and entries with just the right amount of moss. Dogwoods and azaleas so perfect in the spring they look like paintings.  These are the neighborhoods of more than one generation. These are the homes we want to peak inside.




In general, it is not nice to talk about someone’s age as we “mature”.  This holds true in real estate.  Most times an older home needs work…a facelift at the least. However, this home wants to look far older than it is-always has.  Here is her story and some amazing photos that will make all of us change our minds about “older” homes.




Our team is always so involved in the details of a project, that we know how clients are feeling every step of the way.  If anything is askew or unclear, even minor things, our clients feel comfortable letting us know immediately.  They depend on us to offer acceptable resolutions and assurances for the best outcome.  Therefore, we seldom do an exit interview, but know they are conducted in many business situations.   However, we were curious about how a project we completed nearly 20 years ago is doing.  Take a look for yourself.  This gal is a perfect example of how classic design is, well, ageless!

Laurel To the best of my memory, we finished your home about 20 years ago.  Your goal was to build a moderate size home in an existing 40 year old neighborhood and not have it look like it was “new”.  Do you feel like we accomplished that from the start?

DL – The mission was more than accomplished.  Just last week I was in a meeting and a woman sitting next to me asked who had lived in our has before us.  Lol!  She was shocked to learn that we had built the house in an old established neighborhood.  I was happy that it has never looked like new construction.

Laurel We were rebels, or pioneers at the time, using a stone on your island counter.  We chose Uba Tuba Granite.  Please share what we used on your other counters which is still in place today.

DL – We used good old laminate on the rest of the kitchen counters and I have never regretted it.  It looks as good as the day I moved in and price point was so low that I was able to upgrade in other areas at the time.

Laurel  Let’s talk about flooring in the house.  Have you changed anything?

DL – I still enjoy all my flooring and I have only changed out a couple of rooms of carpet due to wear.  I want you to tell them about my kitchen floor.

Laurel – My turn to Lol.  You mean the VCT we installed in a large harlequin pattern in two creamy colors?  Hospital flooring as your husband put it!

Recently you asked about updating the kitchen.  We changed out the pendant lighting at the island for better wattage and you changed your dining chairs.  Pretty amazing after nearly 20 years.  I love your kitchen.  What are your favorite things about this space?

DL – My favorite thing about the kitchen, aside from how beautifully you designed it, would have to be the function. Whether I am prepping, cooking, or cleaning, everything is within a step or two.  The kitchen lives large but the actual footprint is so organized and compact!  I’ve seen larger, beautiful kitchens but a person would be worn out at the end of the meal from all the steps taken between the refrigerator, the sink and the cooktop.

Laurel – You are the master at accessorizing.  Looking thru these recent photos I see so many things that I recognize from the start yet they look so current.  Do you buy new things and how do you decide an item is  perfect for your home?

DL – I do buy new things but I have learned to edit.  I have to really love something, immediately, to buy it.  And when I add it to my decor I make sure to take something away.  I try to have a minimal number of items displayed at one time.  I’m not much for clutter.

LaurelAnything you would have done differently designing your home now that you’ve enjoyed it for a few decades?  Any changes in the future?

DL – I honestly can’t think of anything I would change.  I think this comes from good preplanning and having a professional who could put my vague visions into a concrete plan.  I cannot imagine building or decorating a home on my own. There were no scary surprises and the whole process went so smoothly.  Even my husband was happy through the whole process! Lol


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Thank you to Catherine Lacy for the photography and also her interpretation of the home in the following video.  Complete with sound…Enjoy!



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10 thoughts on “Never Ask A Gal Her Age”

  1. Great story, beautiful design, fabulous details. We used VCT in a home just over 20 years ago, over my husband’s objection, and I never regretted it. What a compliment to be asked who lived there before. We are so pleased with Laurel’s work in our new home, and I enjoy seeing more of her work.

    1. Thank You Becky! I enjoyed being a part of your team during the construction of your fabulous new home. Both of you are amazing. So open to innovative ideas and such talent to implement them.

  2. What keeps a timeless design from becoming dated? This is the style I want.

    1. Having a life plan for your decor. Trusting yourself, or a designer to stay on the path. Taking chances with materials that are cost effective to create otherwise expensive outcomes. Letting go of pre conceived ideas of what has to be. There is a perfect LBD for everyone. They all look different….stay away from trends.

  3. OMG… I love every inch of this house!!! The details make the house a home. Have a wonderful Easter. I’m putting you on my blogroll so I don’t miss any of your posts.

    1. Thanks! We do love our clients and all the opportunities they give us. I’m not sure what a blogroll is but great! I’ll study that technique next. Love your blog too. So many tips!

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