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Converted warehouses and commercial buildings are another type of building where a minimal decor works very well.  These structures are loaded with architectural details and have an abundance of light from oversize windows. The developers of these conversions do all they can to preserve as many of the original finishes as possible.  What is appealing to so many, however, can be daunting when thinking about creating a comfortable lifestyle….even for the most seasoned minimalist.  Designers, like me, love the possibilities!

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Originally,  the Germantown Lofts in this complex of rental units, was the Louisville Cotton Mill.  For many years in-between, both wholesale and retail companies were housed in these various size structures.  Here is how the property looks today and some of the common spaces.  Photos compliments of Zillow.   A very big part of the minimalist concept is ease of maintenance.  There is no greater way to achieve this than renting a home where all exterior and interior maintenance is included in the monthly fee.  Renting certainly meets the needs of many at all ages.








The apartment I chose to make my home was a 789′ studio.  It was a blank canvas ready to be loved.  Every where I looked I saw so much history and character.  I was anxious to be part of this everyday.







Below is a similar floor plan and some photos from a model at the development.


Furnishings have to offer comfort, storage and be strong enough to hold their own with the structure.


Studio apartments offer an open floor plan with the sleeping space somewhat defined.  Sometimes the sleeping area is in a loft.


The choice of the bright green doors in each unit is exactly what the otherwise neutral space needed to inspire a decor that can be minimal yet not stark.






Flooring can be truly distressed woods or raw concrete. Walls of exposed, years worn bricks offset by new painted walls are common.  Ceilings are always high with exposed mechanicals.


Sometimes with large windows there is too much light.  Blocking treatments are usually a necessity.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_e5.jpg

Large Art is always good way to add balance to the high ceilings.  UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_e3.jpg

Case goods, such as dressers and floor cabinets, can be incorporated into the furniture plan.  Again, larger pieces give balance and help keep “our stuff” hidden.  Remember, being a minimalist does not mean living without the amenities that make our lives flow each day.  Minimalism does mean rethinking how to use the storage you have in new ways.


Soon my fiancé and I will begin looking for a new home for us to share.  After living in such an iconic building with so much history I know our new home will be different.  It may, or may not, have as much architecture.  It may have lower ceilings or more walls that will have conventional painted finishes, and the windows will no doubt be smaller.  There will be things we will like better and things I will miss about the loft.  No matter what we decide, I wish to keep living a life in which we choose to have better quality, albeit fewer things.  These things will make a house our home.  We will invest in our kitchen, the heart of every home.  We will continue to purchase items that offer just the right amount of storage we need.  Too much storage can be just as much a problem as too little.  We will carefully consider pieces of furniture that will be comfortable, and allow us to entertain and enjoy everyday.  We will spend money on items, like the best bedding, that are for the most important people in our home (us).

Being a minimalist to me means investing our time in the important things in life such as people, relationships, and many life experiences.  Accumulation of things we do not want to care for, not only can clutter our homes, but also take up too much of our precious time.


Tomorrow we will take a break from all this talk about living a more minimal life.  As we said early in the week…even the talking about this subject can add stress!  We will have some fun looking at the Derby Hats.  Talk about color!  We will have to hunt for some that follow the less is more theory.  In the mean time, if you want to ease into the idea of getting on the minimalism train…start by getting rid of the “extra” things in your home.

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