It’s Only Paint Right?

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Most of us can recognize the Girl with the Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer .  Her expression leaves an impression that lingers with us.  What makes this portrait so memorable is not only her gaze, it is the relationship of all of the colors.   In other words, the paint.

Some people are naturally gifted at selecting the exact right color combination.  They take lighting into consideration, use the perfect technique then mix in mood.  Going back to the gal above…these people area called the Masters in the art world.  The Masters are so good they are immortal.  They will live forever in their art.  If you are not a Master, and need a little help hitting the perfect colors the first time, think about a few hours with a good designer.  It’s kinda our thing.


“A colored substance that is spread over a surface and dries to leave a thin decorative or protective coating.”

Rebecca Beal Martha's Vineyard.jpeg

Rebecca Beal-Martha’s Vineyard Painted Ladies  

There is the utilitarian history of a white wash being applied to newly finished plaster walls to keep dust down.  The Venetians couldn’t let a simple wash go unadorned so they developed a technique to add color to the top coats.  Perhaps the great alfresco murals need the plaster dust knocked down.  It’s really too far back for me to figure out.  What I do know is that for a very long time we have thought of paint as a decorative finish.  It’s a way to add interest and add so much to our decor. Take a look at these before and after examples of the power of paint.

Charles & Hudson

This room is attractive with either the snowy white walls or the key lime walls.  Only a matter of preference here.


Very impressive paint transformation.  All the elements remain with the only change being this striking color.


Painting both walls and trims in the same shades of white can make rooms look larger and brighter.  Furnishings with character are more defined with this color palette.

The Decorating Files 

Migois Home 

Large, dark stained casegoods can be painted for such impact.  Thinking of new uses for these storage pieces is recycling at its best.

The New Heirlooms

kitchen-update-budget-before-after-diy-kitchen-backsplash-kitchen-cabinets.1 2.jpg

These photos are a bit blurry, and the source is unknown.  What we want to point out is that counters, appliances, sink, and flooring have not changed.  Cabinets have been painted, hardware and a tile splash are the new additions.  This is a substantial change without the expense and disruption of a more extensive renovation.

My kitchen doesn’t “WOW” me.

This next example should motivate you to start thinking about how paint might make a powerful impact in your home.  Happy Motivational Monday!


This renovation is our favorite.  We suspect this hardwood was discovered under the vinyl tiles and that the treads were wood under the carpet.  So this amazing renovation is wonderful example of “it’s just paint” (or stain in this case).  Sometimes the uglier the start the better the finish!


We encourage DIY and have worked with some very talented clients.  These “it’s just paint” projects we found on Pinterest are very personal and best on portable pieces.



Would you love it or leave it?

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  1. Wow! That last pic of the staircase is amazing. I am the world’s worst paint picker. Years ago, I chose a gold color for our bedroom and the Mister told me he felt like he was sleeping inside a school bus. Have a great week, ladies.

  2. The last picture of the staircase is the most amazing to me! I would have not known it was the same house! I am horrible at envisioning what something will look like once it is painted. I painted over my dining room 4 times before I got it how I wanted. Paint makes such an impact!

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