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Is it okay to mix the metals in your home’s decor?  Of course!  Do the metals of your faucets, light fixtures and cabinet hardware really need to match?  Of course not!

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You may believe that the best way to coordinate your home is by having all the metal in the same color and finish.  Often, however, this will create a less interesting and too monochromatic of a look.  Incorporating silver, gold, brass and iron is a great way to add visual interest and depth to your space.  Let’s look at a few good ways to start mixing!



A good place to begin incorporating metals is with faucet finishes, cabinet hardware and lighting.  Mirrors, metallic accents, textiles, artwork, picture frames and wallpaper also offer so many options to personalize your decor.  Mixing metal finishes and metal textures creates a unique and personal aesthetic for your home. As an alternative to a polished finish, add in some of the matte, hammered and brushed finishes.  Mixing metal is a way to have new pieces in your home look like they’ve been collected for years! -Kristen





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Girlfriend, you have chosen such a universal topic and one that we get asked about daily no matter how much “training” we provide!  I think the idea of having all the “metals” being the same was thought up by doorknob companies and now there are graveyards of hinges somewhere.  Of course mixing metals is always more interesting…but it has to be done with either precise planning or accomplished by sheer luck from the things your super chic Nana has passed along.  Here are some of the examples I have in my hoard of photos.  I am not sure where they came from. Before the digital world told me I should always save the source I was a rogue “collector”! -Laurel


Iron, Stainless and Polished Chrome – Classic


Love the vintage hardware on the island and the modern mix of brushed and polished stainless on the hood.

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Matte Gold and Polished Nickel


Let’s not forget Copper…a personal favorite metal.  Polished, hammered, burnt, brushed.  I crave them all.

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Aged Brass with Brushed Stainless

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Polished Brass (Yes it’s starting to look gummy! How grand!) and the most fantastic white metal pitcher.  What a combo.


One last comment…if you have real silver..get it out and use it.  You can mix your own metals.  Polish a few and when you give out…mix in the tarnished pieces.  Seems the idea of mixing metals in not so new!

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  1. If a had a gorgeous copper tub like the one in the first pic, I would soak my life away. Love the kitchen with the pale blue cabinetry too. Enjoy your day, ladies.

    1. A good soak is wonderful in any tub but yes the one would be “da bomb”! Taking the time to soak is important in our crazy lives!

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