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5 Things Every Young Guy Wants in A Dream Garage




The garage is the first line of defense for all the things entering our homes. It’s where we decide what comes in and what we don’t want to track into the rest of our home.  Garages are also intended to house our cars. All very practicable, but what else can go into a garage to make it the serve its ultimate purpose…the GUY’S SPACE!?

Dane Spoelker, is our future Mr. LBD junior.  In other words, by year end he will become Mr. Kristen Britt.  Just kidding, he is Kristen’s betrothed. We’ve decided to give him the coveted Friday Favorite post spot.    Let’s look at what, no doubt, will become one of the most important areas in their new home to him and what his favorites for this spot will be.

As our journey of looking for a new home begins, I have to consider the importance of getting a garage which suits me us and my our wants needs. Why? Well, I have to imagine that a majority of my things, and my time spent on the upkeep of the household, will be based from the garage. It may be one of the few rooms or parts of the house I actually get to “design”!  Therefore, I want to put together my dream garage! In this garage, I’d like organized storage, a refrigerator/freezer, a sound system, a work bench and ideally have the garage attached to our home. All while having ample space to park our car(s).  Here are 5 things every guy wants in their garage, in addition to the latest model of every sports car!-Dane Spokler




# 5


Clean, organized and systematic storage is essential to my dream garage. I plan to store tools, lawn mower, sports equipment, cleaning supplies for washing the car, shop vac, ladder, etc. Having a rack, cubby, or designated shelf space to neatly organize and store all of these items will not only prevent inevitable clutter, but will make any and all routine tasks much more simple and therefore stress free. Take the time to label areas, section off parts of the garage to maximize your space and storage. Invest in a system which works for you, and allows you to maintain proper organization. Organized Storage can be achieved for little cost. Anywhere from $100 – $200 should be sufficient to get legitimate racks, bins, shelves, for each of these kinds of items.  Here are a few examples.


Sports Rack


Bike Rack

Tools storage.jpg

Fast Track Wall Systems

If you want to spend a little more, there are full slat wall systems with adjustable shelves, hooks, even cabinets that will evolve as needs change.  Wonderful for sporting equipment.  Systems like this are always a good investment for our own use and impressive when marketing a home for sale.  Remember, if you want it…so will someone else!

Bike Rack storage.jpg


There are also cabinets that hang on a bar system for your garage.  A 6′ section can range about $800 and gives you fantastic multi use storage.  These systems can also go with you to the next home.   If you don’t want to “see” clutter, this kind of system can work for you.  Shelves, even doors can be labeled with the intended use so everyone knows where things are to be stored.


Prepac Storage Systems

Tall Storage Cabinet



(The Beer Box)

Strictly secondary to the main refrigerator in the kitchen! Having a second refrigerator, with freezer, would allow me to store many of my favorite foods and beverages which we might not have room for in the kitchen. My vision includes loading up on proteins in bulk for cookouts, as well as the obvious case or two of adult beverages to have in stock for any future gatherings. The garage refrigerator is rather “man-cavish”, but it will definitely come in handy for even the slightest overage of food and beverage. I truly believe it offers the opportunity to designate what items go in what fridge, and it’s always convenient to invite someone to grab something from the refrigerator in the garage, before they go snooping through your main fridge in the kitchen. I’m confident I could find myself an older model or perhaps one handed down. No need for it to be extremely fancy at all. I’ll stick to a $400-$500 budget to get what a fridge/freezer that will last! Of course, I’m ok if it looks like a toolbox!

How cool are these on wheels?





Music is a must when the work starts in the garage, outside, and  around the house. Washing the car, or tending to any sort of landscaping we may have, tunes are a must.  Listening to music, or talk radio,  is something I know I  will always enjoy when knocking out weekend tasks and projects.  Why not have it readily available in the garage when working outside. Plan to put some speakers up around the place and crank it up every now and then! A decent set of speakers and a sound bar can be found for $100-$150 making a sound system an easy investment for any dream garage.

Modern Patio .jpg

Modern Patio



The work bench has to be there to bring out the handy man in me! If I have the tools, I need a place to use them. Both of my parents are handy and have always been able to do a number of things around the house to improve its value while enjoying their handiwork.   I suppose the work bench is a slight extension of staying organized within the space. Also a way to keep any projects I take on organized too.  Improving our house, while making it our first home, is imperative its overall value!  Who knows what I may try to build or craft?  Having a workbench will encourage me to practice and learn every time I use it. I’m looking for a spacious, modern workbench to handle my tools and provide the space I need to be handy! Perhaps a workbench and a work table! Something portable so it can move with us to the next house.


Workbench with Storage



Work Table

Can’t forget a great toolbox!


Rolling Tool Box

Perhaps some tool wall storage over the bench?

Pic CLick.jpg

Pic Click

Drum Roll Please



(Just Teasing!)

The Real # 1


Not a material item here, but I believe the benefits of an attached garage are vastly underrated! The obvious features include quick and convenient access to and from our home.  The weather will never be an issue when it comes to getting to your garage!  If we have attached space as part of my dream garage, I will be able to access all the organized storage quickly.  With our secondary refrigerator, those special foods and drinks  will be close by.  With the luxury of a sound system  I will enjoy working on projects for the house. We will not  have to worry about weather interfering with us getting out to my garage. These are the benefits I see from an attached garage, which is why it is number one of my top 5 things in my dream garage.

As the search for our first home begins and continues, my hope is to find a place where I can make the perfect LBD dream garage. I will educate myself on where to find the items of the most quality and value in the items we use.  The goal is to have our garage set up and running quickly and have it running for a long time. We don’t want to constantly put money into it, or always have to replace items purchased because we thought were a good deal to save here and there. If we do that, we are going to find ourselves owning less of “my dream garage”, and more of a nightmare of something needing ongoing work and organization.  This is where being married to a designer is going to have it’s perks.  Designer’s get all kinds of trade discounts.  Kristen passes these onto their clients.  They even have discounts from some of the online sources like Wayfair.  Even if they do not get a discount from a vendor, the relationship they have with these suppliers can give you personalize customer service.  LBD can also do space planning for your garages to make sure they are the best they can be to meet every need.   I can see how she is going to come in pretty handy with her tape measure in hand.  Maybe I need to plan a section for her “tools” in my man cave!

To me, for us, a garage is more than a secondary structure to your home for the purpose of housing a car.  It’s a space that can offer so many functions when planned for what is best for you.

So what would be in your dream garage, and if it isn’t in there yet, why not?

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Thanks for spending your Friday with us!  Hope you have a marvelous weekend.


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