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Believe it or not, as designers we want to know what budget you are working with.  PLEASE do not assume that we will not take you as a client unless you have an open wallet.  Nothing could be further from the truth for us.  Everyone  should have a budget…everyone!  We can help you set a budget and keep it.  All you have to do is ask.




“My wood dining room floor is faded and scratched.  I have gotten a quote to refinish the floors, and unfortunately there is not a natural stopping point so I’d have to refinish all of them in the foyer, kitchen and family room at the same time.  I’m not ready to spend this kind of money or have the hassle of all the dust.  The furniture is faded badly, too.  I want our dining room to look good because it’s part of what you see when you come in the front door.  But we hardly use it so I don’t want to go crazy with cost.  Any ideas of what I can do?  Here is a photo.  Your firm has been so creative in other areas of my home!”- EF



Traditional Home1.jpeg

Traditional Home

Of course we have suggestions and can’t wait to work with you again!  Let’s paint/stain a harlequin pattern on the dining room floor.  This can either be a DIY project or turned over to your favorite painter.  Using the wood boards around the perimeter, create a frame perhaps 3-4 boards wide (a stopping point).  The interior within this border will be your “diamonds”.  You can use a 12×12 up to a 24×24 for the size of each alternating color.  If staining, choose a color darker than what your floors are now.  If painting, you can choose really almost any color combinations.  Black and white, white and cream, black and tan…you get the idea.  Talk with your local paint store to learn the best products for what you want to accomplish.  A harlequin pattern is classic, and even though a bold pattern, acts as a neutral in any decor.


Because you have worked with us before, you are seasoned in knowing that we always ask what the budget of a project is.  In other words…Show Us The Money!   The wonderful inspiration photo above from Traditional Home, features a Barbara Berry Henredon Table.  With the chairs covered in a custom Duralee Fabric, this table and (6) chairs could easily be $16K or better….and that’s if you have a gracious decorator who passes on trade discounts!  These are beautiful pieces and absolute heirlooms in the making if this is the goal.  We do love her designs!

However, the same impression can be achieved for all budgets with a little research and the right designer to advise you where to splurge and where to save.  Let’s take a look at three options and their price points to get this dining room ready for it’s close up, Mr. Demille!

Traditional Home3.jpeg

Group A ($5000 Range)  – Table   Chairs

Group B ($3500 Range) – Table  Chairs

Group C ($1500 Range)- Table  Chairs

You see there are ways to work in every budget.  We can also advise on how to use furniture you already have to create a new look.  It’s not always about buying new things and it’s exciting when we figure out how not to!  Remember too that we pass on our Trade Discounts to our clients.  Always ask!  Here are a few links and paint colors to finish off this session.  You’ve probably got a few cut glass pieces hidden away in your home somewhere just waiting to be part of this Digital Design session!  Thanks so much for asking!

Traditional Home2.jpg

Cylinder Bowl    Boxes    Rectangular Vase    Block Vase

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