What Came First…The Chicken Or The Egg?



Genetically, we all have it — a left side and right side of our brain.  The left side of our brain is the practical, analytical side while the right side of our brain is the creative, idealistic side.  Designers, like the creatives in the fashion world, are constantly drinking in inspiration from each other’s work.    But what comes first….the wardrobe or the decor? 

The reality is that both Laurel and I can look at almost anything and absorb so many details of what we see.  Images disappear but the impressions get filed away somewhere deep in our heads to surface in a future project.  Similar principles of color, scale and balance apply to our homes decor and our wardrobes.  The concepts are inter changeable.  This Friday, let’s have some fun and look at some of our favorite rooms and what outfit we’d wear in them.  Because we are designers…we are sticking with our room designs leading the way in the poultry race!


18891061 copy




Emily Henderson/Pinterest 

Redo Home/Pinterest



Tory Burch/Dust Attic



Unknown/Ines de Fressange’s book’ Parisian Chic

Pinterest/Harley and Harper

Wow, that was fun and a great way to decompress after a fast paced and productive week!  Kristen is right, we can see the designs we help our clients create way before anything hits the paper or is implemented.  However, when it comes to clothing I struggle.  Working attire for a designer is very basic.  I wear black & white.  By changing up shoes, jewelry and eyewear…PRESTO – I am a fashionista.  Not so much for personal fashion…its something I’ve had to work at.  Mr. LBD will attest that I stockpile photos of outfits to use as guides when I shop.  It takes me too long packing for a “fun” trip.  After this blog, and as much fun as we’ve had playing “chicken”, I’m going to start thinking of my wardrobe as a room ready to decorate.  Do you see the lightbulb going off in my head?

A quick shout out to a fellow blogger….who makes fashion over 40 her thing everyday!  Take a peek at her Friday’s with Oscar…just love that donut in her hand!


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Thank you for spending your Friday with us!

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  1. Thank you for the credit info….we have so many photos archived saving the ones that really are so chic and meaningful to us. With the republishing of photos on so many sites it is hard to always know the original source. We try to let our readers know what we know and are thrilled when one of you take the time to help us give credit to the wonderful designers and photographers we are all privileged to share in their work. We have added the info you provided to the post today.

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