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Great…now I have to look up and learn just what the heck my energy field is!  Then I might have to decide if I want to subscribe to a site, or buy the book, to learn how to do whatever it takes to make the field be what it should be.  Yikes!  All the constant talk and barrage of telling us we need to “de-clutter” is cluttering up the cherished free spaces of my mind!  I want them back. 

Honestly, I bring all of this on myself.  For years I have been obsessed with quotations.  So many wise ones before us have the eloquence to sum up entire thoughts in a few words.  Words that get engraved in history.  I used to have books of quotes stashed away.  Yes, perhaps adding to what some might now say is the clutter they are writing about.  Technology now allows me to have unlimited access to the magnitudes of these tidbits.  I can now hoard files of my favorites and the clutter experts don’t even know I have them.  I pass these gems around like candy to anyone I care about, regardless of whether they care about them or not.  Ask my children.  I’m sure when I am gone this is what they will remember (or not).  Our design team plays along with my obsession.  We each take a day of the week to send one another the needed boosts via email of a meaningful quote.  We all look forward to these quotes and get testy when one of us forgets.  Guess what day I chose as my day for the team….





Being the Over 50 part of this blog, if I have learned nothing else so far, I know that motivation goes much further in accomplishing everything.  No matter the task.  Glass half empty or hall full….it’s all up to us!  However, some of the quotes I see are just too damn demanding for me and do nothing to build up the confidence I rely on to make the most of my days.  My days, like yours, are sometimes pretty harried. These kind of quotes never make it in my stash.


Apparently this person never has been a spouse, had kids, worked with others, or been a loving friend.  Some circumstances are just too hard to change and entwined with so many other things.  I have to pass on this one.  I’ve got the personal responsibilities like eating, bathing and laughing down pat.


This one is a repeat of the one above but made me think if I applied this all the time I would have absolutely no fun.  So, I choose to be responsible being irresponsible sometimes.  Otherwise, my friends would have nothing to tease me about.  Which brings me to this quote that just seems fitting right now.


Back to the subject of the day….the demand to de-clutter.  

Let’s take a look at a few quotes from the experts.  A famous designer and the queen of spark.



On any given day, this could be myself or my beloved spouse….so I guess we are out!



This one just isn’t a part of my daily life.  Sure, I have thought about it because it has been one of the most successful marketing campaigns I’ve seen in a while.  I appreciate hard work and accomplishment in all areas.  Marie has gotten everyone thinking about a lot of areas in their lives.  We’ve written about this before, and have had some clients that are discouraged after trying to apply the techniques she promotes.  Again, and always, we remind everyone that the system that works FOR YOU will be what makes your home  The Perfect LBD for you.  I choose, or (haha) take responsibility to do what is best for our home….to develop systems that are habits.  Ours will be different from yours.  It’s just that simple.  The things that “spark joy” in my life are people and the places I enjoy with them.  Therefore, I didn’t buy the book so I don’t need to now “de-clutter” it!



If you ask any one of my friends, or family, about me you might hear that they think I am the most organized person they know.  Being an illusionist is a trait I have mastered!  How?  I have chosen to create systems that work instead of doing tasks like de-cluttering.  Creating is the glass half full approach and de-cluttering just starts off the other way for me.   Too much of a downer…I’d need a slew of quotes to keep me excited!

But wait, we are Americans and we have too much stuff!  We know it, we admit we caused it and want to do something about it.  Great.  IF this is the decision YOU have made on your own then we are all for it!  We will help you develop systems that will work forever because they will be created by you, for your needs.  Systems that give you peace of mind and “free up your energy field”.  (sorry couldn’t resist)  We will be your biggest cheerleader!  Here’s a look back at some previous post to get you motivated.


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  1. Absolutely fab! Agree totally. We’re all being bombarded with advice as to how to de-clutter which, as you say, causes guilt and more feelings of inadequacy if our home isn’t as pristine as the photos. As for the glass half full or empty question, either way there’s room for more wine!!

    1. We love Mondays…really we do! We are all fortunate to get a fresh start each week. It’s a mini New Years over and over!

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