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“Often the solutions we seek are the simplest; however, we doubt ourselves and first seek the more difficult solution until we eventually are led back to what was right in front of us.”-Shannon Ables


Sometimes our small firm gets moving so fast, making so much progress with the mechanics of each project that our creative side of our brains freezes up.  Maybe not frozen but definitely not working as usual.  We know when this is happening because we tend to put more energy in than what comes out as progress.  In other words we tell ourselves…


Overthinking is like pedaling a stationary bike, treading water, or running in place.  You will get tired and have gone no where.  For the exerciser, this is still an accomplishment.  To the creative, it’s lost hours with the project still looming.  For me, three things will work to get back into the creative mode and move the project along.

  • Change the scenery.  Go outside, sit in another room, go to a coffee shop or a bookstore.  Anywhere you can work remotely.  Get away from your desk, or the place you normally work.  Laptops allow this now more than ever before.
  • Listen to some music and get a beverage.  This is not the time to talk yourself out of sugar or caffeine.
  • Look at photos.  A lot of them.  It clears the mind.  Choose a subject of interest to you.  Looking at photos can be equally soothing and inspiring.  Remember the times lingered over family photos, or pictures from past vacations.  Whatever is going on in the world is quieted when we concentrate on the photos we see.

As designers, it does not take long for us to see something in a photo that leaves an impression.  Something that heads us back into a creative mode.  Here’s an example:





Serenity….how to blend textures, colors and feelings all in with the architecture.  For this client, and their property, the only way to go is with neutrals.  Warm, yet clean.  Interesting without being jarring.  Classically contemporary.  A juxtapose of life.

Food Comparison Onion

Inspiration comes from the most unexpected places when we quit over thinking.

We’ve got this one!

The photo of the onions sizzling above, is from Food 52.  I could almost smell them looking at the image online.  The other photo’s in this post are from personal archives.  Credits are not known, except that many times Remodelista, Habitually Chic, Dust Jacket and thesimplyluxuriouslife sites are favorites.  We share these photos with sincere appreciation to the photographers and designers who previously made them available online.

Here’s Another Time We Gathered Some Inspiration

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  1. Six months in dry dock usually works for me and an attitude change! LOL

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