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Like many others this holiday weekend, Mr. LBD and I traveled.  Yes, on purpose, we chose to be in the throngs of joyous people boarding a plane in anticipation of a long weekend of fun and frolic.  This also meant we were to be among these same numbers heading home.  Anyone feel like I do that there is no place like home….especially after a trip?  I’m like a trail horse who see’s the barn on the last leg of a jaunt and I can’t wait to get back!



Prior to the trip, my friend traveling with us,  asked me what I was going to wear.  I’ve shared before that packing for a “fun” trip can give me fits.  So when she asked, I simply said I was going to pack light, take a few basics and more shoes and jewelry than anything else.  Then a miracle happened….I followed my own advice and packed in a carry on for 4 days of multiple events.  I wore everything I took, somethings several times in different combos and felt put together the entire trip.

So what was different this time?  It’s got to be the LBD blog.  During the several months of writing these post I’ve been more aware of how well our home, and the systems we have in place, works for us.  Here’s what is working for us and allowing us me to have less stress with traveling.  Mr. LBD still has to deal with me, which is stressful for him as he has pointed out on numerous occasions this weekend.


LUGGAGE-  We now have  only 2 pieces each.  No more bags reproducing in the closet. The smaller one nests in the larger one.  This makes storage and access very easy.  We can get to these cases quickly and they are tucked out of the way when not in use. Trips over a week we use the larger one, under a week usually the smaller can do.  Regardless of size, we check baggage and only carry on a small backpack each.  The airlines allow a 40lb carry on…no one needs to lift this much over their heads unless you are in training for something.    Hardbody luggage (bedbug proof according to my pest control expert brother in law) on 360 degree wheels are a breeze to roll instead of pull.   These sets below are online because it is easy to talk about them this way. However, my favorite way to buy luggage is at a local TJMax.  You can test drive each piece, be somber or daring with finishes and do a little jig at how cheap the pieces are.  We don’t buy good luggage because the airline is going to trash it anyway.  Plus it’s fun to buy new when it cost so little.  One in one out rule works so well with luggage! If you are boring, and choose a tame color case, use a bright color tag.  You’ll be able to see your case coming a mile away and can then casually saunter in to retrieve it.  Keep the stress free journey going.



3 Pc Gray Hardbody Luggage


WOW Yellow Luggage

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 6.00.58 PM

Bright Colored Tags

PACKING- The next item that works so well for us, everyday for laundry, and for packing is a dual rod rolling clothing rack.  We simply roll this puppy in front of our closet and play stylist putting outfits together.  It is very easy to see how easy it is to wear the same items in different ways when you have them separated on this kind of rack. Personally, I do not pack cotton that will wrinkle.  I take jeans (white included because they are so versatile), skirts instead of shorts, and knit tops and dresses. Packing experts will tell you to choose what to pack and then take something away.  I omitted one outfit this time as did not miss it at all.  We leave the empty hangers on the rack which make it super easy do the laundry upon return.


  • Shoes- Are on shelves where I can see them all to decide what to take.  I tried taking more shoes than on previous trips and it worked well. I wrap them in plastic grocery bags.
  • Jewelry -Is in trays and on hooks on display to be able to choose items per outfit.  I take a small purse, with jewelry in small bags (zip lock), in my carry on.  I can use the purse as a second bag after we unpack.
  • Toiletries -We both keep zippered bags under our vanity sink.  I used to keep doubles of what I use packed and ready to go.  However, I found that it’s less stress to simply place what I use the day of departure into the bag.  I don’t over pack this way.  Make up is in a small bag in the carry on.
  • Rain Gear-  We usually take umbrella’s in our suitcases and even have them pre-packed in the large cases. This trip was to the desert so I did not think we needed to take “rain” gear.  BUT…I saw several gals with umbrellas for the sun and I wished I had mine.  I just love to learn a new tip especially when it gives a dual purpose to an item.
  • Sport’s Clothing- I have no tips in this area.  I never see anyone in the hotel gyms which is my excuse while on vacation.



Rolling Clothing Rack

To further reduce travel stress, we left Thursday on this holiday weekend, and returned on Sunday to allow us to have today at home.  Because no matter where we go, there is No Place Like Home and sleeping in our own bed.   We’ve tweaked our sleeping abode for years and it is just perfect for us.  Here is what works for us.

Comfortable Luxury


We stopped at the grocery on the way in from the airport.  After a few days of eating out, we are ready to buy and actually eat fruits and veggies. Our own detox. This am we slept in a bit, went out to a salad lunch and a stop at our local beach just to see the water.  Not an organized trip but more of an appreciation to see some local beauty and extend our vacation.  Then we came back home this afternoon and watched a movie while yet another of our home’s systems did it’s job to get is back in order.    You can see about our rather small laundry area that works so well in the post below.

I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair

Thanks for spending these few precious last minutes of your holiday with us.  We invite you to Subscribe to Follow Us and ask you to pass on our site to a friend.

See you on “Wallpaper” Wednesday…yep it’s back!

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  1. I wish you were my neighbor. I would beg you to come over and get me organized for my trip. I would pay you back with the Mister’s cooking. It’s better than me cooking. Have a great week.

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