“Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary”


It’s Sunday afternoon and the first weekend after the “official start of summer”.   To most this also means the start of yard work season.   Some of you probably just finished mowing the early summer grass and are thinking about how many more weeks till it snows.  Perhaps yard work is a chore and not a passion like it is for the avid vegetable gardener.  Know anyone like this?  If you don’t already…better befriend one.  You can bet they are out in the garden until the last flicker of daylight every weekend!

Our brother is just the kind of guy I am talking about.  While the rest of the world is lazing around watching Sunday sports, he is already planting.  Just love all the cookbooks in the background.  All three of us kids are cooks and share food via texting often.  Fewer calories this way.  If we lived in the same town I think we’d have to open a restaurant!


He’s out to get the beds ready when it’s still pretty chilly.  Looks like some serious rabbit control has to happen too.


Even though we came from a family where cooking was not really “a thing”, we did have a heck of a garden.  Well, our Dad did.  We were supposed to be “helping” but I remember more days of taking a salt shaker out to the rows and eating more than I harvested.  Apparently, since our brother was the youngest and at home longer….he actually paid attention and learned from the master.  Our father died too early in life and to me, my brother’s gardens are one of the more visible ways he is still with us.

And so it begins again every year.




We don’t live close enough for me to run over and grab a bunch of the midwest tomatoes I miss so much in Florida.  Last fall, a big box of goodies arrived to our door…some of the toms were a bit juiced in the travels but we slurped them down anyway!  The aroma of all the veggies when we opened the box was heaven!


So this year I am asking for all green ones…oh I can just taste a fried green tomato BLT already!


Thanks Little Brother, Love You!

Feature Photo Mimi Thorrison

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5 thoughts on ““Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary””

  1. Love your blogs !
    Beautiful photographs , fun suggestions and interesting ideas , inspirational room sets 😊
    I’m in the UK, where it is presently raining hard…………..so I won’t need to water my garden today, and the plants will love the rainwater !
    Your brother’s vegetable plots look great , and nothing beats the taste of things you have grown yourself.
    Have a lovely week.

    1. Thank you! Our little blog is reaching many countries. It’s fun to see how the internet can bring common interests together in positive ways. Gardening is universal. Please pass us along to friends if you will. Cheers!

    1. Oh you must try a fried green tomato BLT! Let’s us rush the season a bit and add’s a whole new element to the already sinful sandwich.

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